The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are part of your household’s safety and security. Knowing what steps to take when you experience a malfunction or your system stops working is important. Simple problems may be yours to fix quite easily, while others need the hand of an experienced professional.

Here are a few main problems that both residential and commercial garage doors face:

The garage door remote is not working

One common cause of an inoperable garage door remote is the batteries. Replacing them will get things going again for the most part.

If your new batteries don’t fix the issue with your garage door remote, ensure that the battery contacts are clean and dry.

Take a clean towel or rag to wipe down the contacts and place batteries back in position.

If the antenna does not seem to be aligned correctly, you can make adjustments to help ensure the radio signals are away from interference.

The garage door opener not working

A typical garage door opener is a motor and a drive system for lowering and raising the door. Residential and commercial garage door openers can be classified into three types of drive systems: chain, screw, and belt.

In some cases, a garage door opener can malfunction due to external wiring or internal circuit board issues.

Although designed to be defect-free and work perfectly, as with all machines, time and wear can lead to problems.

Defective transmitters

If the batteries are fresh and your transmitter will not function, you may have a broken or defective transmitter that needs to be replaced.

If your transmitter and receiver both seem operational but not communicating with each other, they may need to be reprogrammed again and paired.

Debris buildup

Vehicles and weather are bound to bring dirt, grit, and mud into your garage.

The buildup of debris may occur in the corners of garage doors, which can slow down or even prevent them from closing completely.

The sensors in your garage door that detect a car’s presence may also be jammed or blocked with dirt, leading to faulty functionality. A simple cleaning may be enough to fix the problem.

The sensors also may have been bumped and are no longer in alignment to see a clear path to each other. This may be a simple readjustment you can do on your own.

Problematic track

The door track is an essential part of the functionality of your garage door. With time, and due to a lot of use, it may become bent or broken.

A noisy track can sometimes be greased for smoother operation, but it should have proper repair before becoming a worse problem if it is getting stuck or jamming up along the path.

You should hire a professional garage door dealer if you experience either issue.

Limit Settings

The settings on your garage door limit the degree to which the door opens and closes. An incorrect setting may cause it to remain open or closed in the wrong position.

Resetting the limits is usually an effective way to fix your garage door, but if that doesn’t work, be sure to contact experts.

Contact Us for Professional Assessment, Maintenance, and Repair

While residential and commercial garage doors are designed to be as durable and flawless as possible, they can still face serious problems.

Calling in a professional to take care of these problems will prevent major damage and save you the time, expense, and headache of having the door fail completely. For more information, find your local dealer at

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