The Dangers of Off-Track Garage Doors

When garage doors go off track, they can be a danger to you and your family. If the garage door is not supported adequately, it can cause damage to both personal property and persons residing in the home. That’s because garage doors are designed to carry an immense weight – up to two tons! This blog post will discuss what causes garage doors to go off track and how your local Raynor Authorized Dealer can help.

Why is a Garage Door Off Track a Serious Issue?

One of the essential parts of any home is a garage door. Some homeowners will use their door daily as an entrance and exit, and it can be dangerous if there are any operational issues with the garage door.

The Repair Process

The process to repair the garage door being off-track is one that even the best DIY homeowner should avoid attempting on their own. The springs are powerful and dangerous, as is the door itself from sheer weight.

It is always best to call a certified technician who is experienced in these matters and can ensure the repair is completed right the first time.

Common Causes of a Garage Door Being Off Track

While frequent garage door maintenance can help reduce problems it can’t prevent all of the causes for misaligned doors. These are the most common causes:

The door was hit by a car

Damaged garage doors are typically caused by moving a vehicle in or out of the garage before the door is completely open. Door panels may be damaged, or even the entire door, needing a replacement.
Also, a vehicle may scrape or bump one of the tracks, creating a point of damage that causes the door to jam or, even worse, fall out of the track!

A spring broke

The springs on garage doors do wear out over time. Many doors have two springs. If one spring breaks, the door may become lopsided and jam up. If both springs were to break, the door could be stuck entirely or fall out of the tracks.

A cable supporting the door snapped

Cables on the door connect to the springs that support the weight of the garage door. As with springs breaking, if one cable breaks, the door may be lopsided and jam or may not fully open and close. If the weight causes the second cable to fail, the whole door will become inoperable.

Trust a Professional for Garage Door Repair

Garage doors can experience problems, and though they are designed for daily use, all things mechanical require maintenance and, at some point, may fail. Using your car just once a day means it opens and closes both as you leave and return. That adds up to 1,460 operations per year!

Repairing a garage door is best left to a professional with experience. Contact one of our authorized dealers today to discuss the issue and book an appointment with a certified technician.

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