Raynor Fire Station Doors


If a fire or emergency occurs in your community, first responders need a door they can rely on when seconds matter. Fire station doors require speed, dependability, safety, and energy efficiency. Special building requirements, aesthetics, and cost are also factors to consider. Raynor offers the following select commercial doors suitable for fire stations and other facilities including AlumaView, Slidetite 2.0, TC200, and ThermaSeal.  

Extruded Aluminum Sectional Rail and Stile Doors

Raynor AlumaView® aluminum doors have long been the standard fixture for fire stations and other facilities that require dependable, attractive doors that offer maximum visibility. The heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame can be finished with a choice of anodizing or 188 ArmorBrite™ powder coat colors.

AlumaView door models suitable for fire station doors and other facilities include:

  • AV300 – 3” thick door sections
  • AV200 – 2” thick door sections
  • AV175 – 1-3/4” thick door sections

Commercial Four-Fold Doors

Raynor Slidetite 2.0 is designed to move fast and clear the opening in as little as 8 seconds!

The unique design of the Slidetite 2.0 four-fold door allows for limited invasion of interior space, and no interference with exhaust equipment, lighting, or heating/cooling systems, while opening in less than half the time of typical sectional overhead doors. Fabricated from tubular steel profiles, Slidetite™ 2.0 has fewer moving parts than traditional sectional overhead doors reducing the overall maintenance costs.

Slidetite 2.0 four-fold doors suitable for fire station doors and other applications include:

  • 158 Series – 1-5/8″ thick sections
  • 238 Series – 2-3/8″ thick sections
  • 400 Series – 4″ thick sections
  • 400H Series – 4″ thick sections and Hurricane Rated
Thermal Sectional Two-Sided Steel Doors

With a proven track record for thermal efficiency and extreme durability, Raynor TC Series is simply the best you can specify. With expanded polystyrene insulation thermally bonded between two steel skins, TC200 and TC224 doors have exceptional R-value.

TC Series door models suitable for fire station bays and other facilities include:

  • TC224 – 2″ thick, 24-gauge, 10.25 R-value
  • TC200 – 2″ thick, 26-gauge, 10.25 R-value

Sectional Insulated Steel Doors

Raynor ThermaSeal is a durable, energy-efficient sectional insulated steel door. 100% of the door’s interior space is filled with energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation to deliver exceptional R-values. This process also provides superior foam density for excellent structural integrity. Select ThermaSeal doors are available with an IECC-compliant option.

ThermaSeal door models suitable for fire station bays and other facilities include:

  • TM320 – 3″ thick, 24.54 R-value
  • TM300 – 3″ thick, 24.54 R-value
  • TM200 – 2″ thick, 18.3 R-value
  • TM220 – 2″ thick, 18.3 R-value
  • TM200C – 2″ thick, 18.0 R-value
  • TM175 – 1-3/4″ thick, 16.4 R-value

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