How do you fix a garage door after backing into it?

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One day you’re on your way home from shopping for your groceries, you arrive home, back your car inside the garage (you are rushing because you have ice cream and dairy that are melting), everything is going smoothly, then suddenly…BAM! Uh oh!

The next thing you know, you’ve driven into your garage door, causing a significant dent that just ruins your day. What are you going to do next?

Steps to Follow If You Accidentally Run into Your Garage Door

You’re surely thinking, what now? Stand in front of your garage door and make a shocked face? Do nothing? Or, you can grab your phone and call an expert!

Call an authorized expert from Raynor Garage Door for a professional assessment of the damage and advice on whether to repair or replace But before making that call, follow these measures to ensure that the incident is handled safely.

  • Ensure the safety of everyone involved

Even simple collisions, such as backing into a garage door, may result in injury. Check yourself and the passengers first, then worry about the garage door later.

  • Examine the damage inflicted

Next, you should look at the garage gate, chassis, and tracks. There is a high possibility you will have to purchase a new panel if the crash deforms the door. Also, be sure to check the track the door moves on. Do this before you attempt to move the door. Make sure it doesn’t bend or deform.

Inspect the tracks and brackets that link your door to the opener if your garage door has one. Although damages to the opener are unlikely, it is prudent to inspect it while evaluating the situation.

  • Garage Door Should Be Closed, If Possible

Maintain at least 8 feet away from the door opening after assessing the overall damages. Press your control switch and test whether the door stays open. Close the door if it runs up properly. If the opener creates sounds and the door components aren’t operating correctly, disconnect it. You can also try to shut the garage door manually. If the door is somehow off its tracks, don’t attempt to raise or lower it.

  • Obtain the Services of a Professional ASAP

After performing all the previous procedures, step aside and let the pros do their work. Call your local garage door service professional to inspect the damage and take the required actions, even if it doesn’t appear too damaged. Some experts can repair the damaged doors, but sometimes you have no choice but to replace them with a new one if recommended by the service professional.

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