The Advantages of a Custom Garage Door

Advantages of a Custom Garage Door

Custom garage doors are a perfect home improvement project. Not only are they functional in keeping your home and property safe, but they can also be an aesthetic addition that adds value to your home.

Let’s discuss what this means and the benefits you will see.

What is a Custom Garage Door?

Custom garage doors are a great way to amp up your style. They allow the homeowner to choose from many different types of design options, enabling them to have complete control over their home’s appearance and character.

Plus, garage doors offer practical features and can easily improve the appearance of your home.

A custom garage door may be needed on homes that are built in tiers on a slope or when the entrance to the garage is at an angle. Purchasing a custom-size door for your home’s dimensions may be necessary, or to accommodate the unique landscape and design of the property.

Designs including wicket doors and walk-through doors within garage doors can be used when there is a limitation on space for a separate entry.
Your imagination is all that limits the designs available for your home.

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

A custom door provides than keeping your car out of sight. You can find the perfect touch for your home with a custom garage door. This home improvement project is well worth it, as you see in all those HGTV shows!

Added Safety

Whereas garage doors of the past were merely a way to conceal the automobile, modern-day doors offer peace of mind as well as additional protection and security features for your home.

Some garage door manufacturers offer cameras with audio.

As part of the project, motion-detecting lights can be added to the driveway and area around the home. These are an inexpensive way to add security to your property and to let you know when movement is detected near your home.

Energy Savings

As garage doors age, they don’t always perform as well. A new insulated garage door can help you save on your utility bill and keep the heat in during the winter months. You should also consider all of your energy-saving options when it comes to detached garages too!

Custom Look and Curb Appeal

A custom garage door gives you the opportunity to better display your own unique style – whether it’s traditional, modern, or country.
Whether you’re already happy with your home’s main entrance or want to take the opportunity to give it a more customized look, one of our custom garage doors will match perfectly.
For example, you might be able to match your front door’s architecture with similar panels and insulated or frosted safety windows. Your budget is the only limit to the customization available.

Low Maintenance

New garage doors are a stylish way to spruce up your home and also come with the benefits of cutting back on maintenance.
An old garage door will require expensive and constant repairs over time leading to greater expenses.
If you notice that creaking hinges or noisy tracks are becoming a problem, replacement is probably needed. Once the mechanical parts wear down from continual use, the door’s weight may cause it to sag or misalign making it a safety hazard as well as an easy target for burglary.
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