Maximum Thermal Protection

For maximum thermal protection, choose the Raynor TH160, durable, energy-efficient sectional door. Raynor’s exclusive process fills 100% of the commercial door’s interior space with energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation to deliver an exceptional 14.86 R-value. This process also provides a superior foam density for excellent structural integrity. With standard features like the corrosive-resistant rigid aluminum retainer and the EPDM rubber floor seal, the TH160 is built to last!

TH160 Features and Options

Raynor TH160 commercial doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.

Maximum Thermal Protection

Energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation is used to deliver exceptional R-values.

Reduced Airflow

Dual vinyl barriers dramatically reduce air infiltration. A true thermal break prevents heat loss and eliminates any metal-to-metal contact between surfaces.

Rugged Hardware and Springs

The TH160 door comes packaged with the right combination of long-lasting hardware, track, and springs to precisely match your door’s size and application. A QuikClip™ pre-assembled track option is also available.

Decreased Energy Costs

TH160 doors help reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal and sturdy aluminum retainer.