How to Fix a Slow-opening Garage Door: Step-by-step Solutions for a Quick Fix

Slow-opening Garage Door USA

Do you need to know how to fix a slow-opening garage door? Some knowledge of the basic mechanics is helpful when garage doors malfunction by opening slowly or refusing to open at all. 

Maintenance from companies like Raynor Garage Door’s Authorized Dealers prevent issues and catch repair needs before they become an expensive problem. Below, we discuss this common garage door problem in more detail.

Professional Tips for Fixing a Slow-Opening Garage Door

Is your garage door moving too slowly or refusing to budge? Here are some suggestions:

1. Visually assess the hinges

Is one or more of your door’s hinges lost or damaged? It will be extremely difficult for damaged pieces to support the door’s weight adequately. The garage door could open slower than usual and will likely need proper lubrication.  It is important to keep the moving parts oiled.

2. Carefully check the springs

Are the springs stretched out or broken? They may not be able to lift the door’s weight, and it will take much longer to open it. Please note that it is best to leave springs to the professionals to avoid injury or vehicle damage if the door crashes down unexpectedly.

3. Inspect any garage door opener cables

Knowing how to fix a slow-opening garage door also involves identifying tangled or damaged cables. Cable issues will quickly cause a garage door opener to malfunction. As with springs, our garage door professionals recommend contacting your local Raynor Authorized Dealer to carry out this inspection.

4. Tighten loose screws or bolts

Do you notice loose screws or bolts on a garage door opener unit and other door system components (like hinges)? It is always best to tighten them up so they don’t let go or fail, on a future date.

Other Garage Door Problems That Could Slow Things Down

Common problems relating to a slow-opening garage door include a door that keeps opening after closing and one that moves up and down continuously.

The Garage Door Opens After Closing

A garage door that opens on its own can be a major inconvenience for security, small children, and pets. Common reasons include the following:

  • Debris is blocking the tracks
  • A problem with the safety sensors

Door Opening and Closing Constantly

Is your garage door opening and closing constantly? This problem could involve the opener’s circuit board or logic board. Openers can become damaged over time. 

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