Garage Door Insulation – Why Does It Matter?

Garage Door Insulation
Winter and fall might be your least favorite seasons to cope with from a home maintenance standpoint, but they doesn’t have to be.

You might have heard of garage door insulation many times before and never thought it to be anything important. Insulation for your garage is, in fact, a very critical part of prepping your garage and home for fall and winter when the temperatures reach frigid lows.

Here are reasons to invest in insulated garage doors and why it matters:

Insulated garage doors are a better option

When comparing regular garage doors with insulated ones, we quickly found out that the need to use the heater for these cold temperatures is less frequent. Insulated garage doors save you money by cutting the utility cost and helping you preserve precious heat during colder days.

Insulated garage doors are robust

Insulated garage doors are sometimes considered stronger compared to non-insulated doors. Insulation adds another degree of robustness to the door, making it more durable and an excellent choice for cold and even warm temperatures, keeping all elements out.

Keep warm throughout the cold

Pre-insulated new garage doors are one of the most popular choices, and it saves time and money in the long run.

A warm garage can keep the rest of the house warm too

An insulated garage also provides what’s known as the “vestibule” effect so you can enjoy spending time in the space. The vestibule effect allows an extra barrier between you and the cold outside. In this case, the insulated garage will buffer the temperatures so that the inside of the house attached to the garage won’t feel as cold.

Insulated garages doors are less noisy

Insulated garage doors also are superior to pan doors when it comes to noise cancellation as well. The noise reduction is mostly a result of the materials creating soft barriers within the door.

Protection for your vehicle during the colder temperatures

When you opt for an insulated garage door, it can help keep your belongings safer. The cold weather can wreak havoc on things like car batteries, wiring and plugs, and tire air pressure. But, with insulated garage doors and garage, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that risk is greatly reduced.


Installing a new insulated garage door will get you one step ahead of the weather and thus reducing energy costs and keeping your belongings in good working condition.

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