Top Reasons For Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

Replace Garage Door Opener

Why replace your garage door opener? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves only when they realize the system is old or malfunctioning. But it’s not just because of its age that you might be considering this upgrade; there are plenty of other benefits to replacing your opener with a new one. In this blog post, we will explore some top reasons why replacing your garage door opener may be worth it!

Safety Reversal Systems

Today’s garage door openers must have safety reversing mechanisms, which have been a requirement since 1993. During operation, two sensors on both sides of the door are about six inches from the ground and create a light beam that detects anything beneath the door, such as people, goods, or pets. It will reverse and open if anything gets in the way.

Decreased Noise

It’s not unusual for family members within the house to be awakened every time the door opens and closes with older garage door openers. New openers are typically quieter than old ones, especially those that use belt drives rather than chain drives. You’ll be able to use your door at any moment without disturbing anyone in your home.

Battery Backup Systems

If you’re like most people with a garage door system, you open your door several times throughout the day, which means outages wreak havoc on your schedule. Even in the worst situations, however, a new garage door opener with a battery backup will come on immediately if the electricity goes out, ensuring that your day continues as planned.

New Security and Convenience Features

Newer openers often include cutting-edge technology, which incorporates functions that were previously impossible with older versions. For example, some allow you to control your door from any place with an internet connection. You may use your phone to track when your door opens and closes and operate it from anywhere.

Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

When the button that should signal the opening of your garage door is pressed, the last thing you want to notice is your sealed door closed and refusing to open.

Although remote controls are handy tiny gadgets that make our lives easier, you may occasionally wonder why your trusted little opener isn’t working. Fortunately, the solution to a faulty remote is typically straightforward and requires fast and easy repair alternatives that won’t break your budget or waste time. Before calling, a Raynor Authorized Dealer here are some quick solutions for when your garage door stops working:

Check the Batteries

Sometimes, all you need is a battery replacement. Batteries are an essential part of ensuring that your remote performs appropriately and efficiently. Remove the remote’s battery cover and examine the condition of your current set of batteries carefully.
If you discover any dirt, dampness, or wear inside your battery casing, this is where the source of your problem lies. Unclean battery cases prevent batteries from working effectively, preventing them from accessing the electrical circuit within. When replacing old batteries that have gone dead over time, clean the interior thoroughly with a cloth.

Find a Solution to Power Outages

Any electrical device that needs to be powered is affected when the electricity goes out, including your garage door. Power outages occasionally disrupt your day-to-day appliances from operating, whether it’s a snowstorm or your neighborhood’s power lines are down. If you need to get in and out of your garage, you may have to open and close the door manually.
Fully close your garage door once your power is restored to ensure a proper connection with the opener. Then, using your remote, press the button signaling the opening of your door. Close your door again to realign the garage door’s arm.

Replace Your Remote

A remote that has been damaged, destroyed, or corroded on the inside is undesirable. When it’s time to replace your remote, make sure you get one that works with your current setup. If one of your remotes should go missing or break in the future, consider buying two so that you’re prepared.

Inspect the Surrounding Area

You might come across an unplugged motor unit. Examine the area around your garage to ensure that all of the components of your garage system are correctly in place. If the garage door motor’s power source is not connected correctly to the wall socket, simply re-inserting the plug may fix the problem.

Find a Local Dealer to Help

A local Raynor Authorized Dealer will assist you in choosing the best garage door opener or remote replacement based on your needs and lifestyle.

Once you’ve made your decision, our authorized dealer will install your new garage door opener and maintain the rest of your garage door system throughout its lifespan, with 24/7/365 emergency assistance along the way. To get started on getting your garage door opener repaired, find a local dealer today –
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