Can I Use My Phone as a Garage Door Opener?

Open Garage Door With Your Phone USA

Most people are familiar with traditional garage door openers, but many wonders, “Can I use my phone as a garage door opener?”

The growing popularity of smart homes has made it possible for homeowners to complete tasks in ways they never thought possible. So, is there a garage door opener app that can allow you to open and close your garage doors using your phone?

Read on to learn all you need to know about how to open a garage door with a phone. 

Can I Use My Phone as a Garage Door Opener?

The short answer is yes; you can use your smartphone to open and close the garage door. However, you’ll need a few items to accomplish this feat.

How to Open Your Garage Door with Your Phone

The first thing you’ll need to close and open the door using your phone is a smart door opener device. After purchasing it, you will need to download an app compatible with your device.

The app allows your smartphone and door opener to communicate via your home’s Wi-Fi and router.

Your phone simply sends a signal via your router to the garage door opener. The device will then open your garage doors and send a signal to your phone, notifying you whether the garage door opens or closes.

Integrating Your Garage Opener with a Smart Home Device

Today, most phone garage door openers allow you to connect them to Amazon and Google Home devices. By doing so, you can control your garage doors with voice activation.

If you want to connect your door opener to a smart device, ensure the door opener model you buy is compatible with the smart device.

The Benefits of Using Your Phone as a Garage Door Opener

“Can I use my phone as a garage door opener?” Yes, and there are plenty of benefits that come with it.


Using your phone as a garage door opener allows you to operate your garage doors from virtually any location. On top of that, you can configure the settings to match your preferences or needs.

For instance, you can set your doors to close automatically after a specific amount of time, saving you from worrying about whether you forgot to close the garage doors.


Your application will alert you whenever your garage doors open. Some garage door openers also have security cameras that let you monitor the area when you are not home.


Your door opener sends encrypted codes straight to your iPhone garage door opener app, ensuring the process is secure. This helps prevent hackers and other people from gaining unauthorized access to your garage.

Get Started with Your Smartphone Garage Door Opener Today

“Can I use my phone as a garage door opener, and is there a garage door opener app?” Yes!

Consult a Raynor Authorized Dealer for garage door opener installations and receive guidance on how to open a garage door with your phone through an android or iPhone garage door opener app.

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