Today’s Hurricane-Ready Garage Doors Can Be Stylish as well as Safe

There’s a hurricane coming! A hurricane-rated garage door may be required for residential construction in coastal areas that are prone to heavy storms like Hurricane Andrew – an event that rocked Florida 25 years ago.

With special features such as heavy-duty components, watertight seals and impact-resistant panels, a hurricane-rated garage door is the best solution for protecting your property from high winds, flying debris, and flooding. But a heavy-duty residential garage door capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds used to mean a bulky, utilitarian door that was difficult to install and lacked design aesthetics.

Raynor Garage Doors has made great advancements in residential hurricane-rated garage doors with improvements in not only engineering and construction materials but also a variety of beautiful design options.

Heavy-duty, not heavy

Weight has always been a problem with wind load rated doors. For many garage door manufacturers, engineering garage doors capable of withstanding hurricane force winds is a matter of adding additional traditional trussing until the design pressures are met. While this, “make it work with what’s available,” approach gets the job done, it adds weight and often requires two people to install.

Raynor Hurricane Ready garage doors are engineered with specially constructed horizontal trusting made from high-tensile steel box struts or u-bars engineered to put critical reinforcement exactly where it’s needed without waste. High-tensile strength allows these parts to be made from thinner, lighter steel without sacrificing performance and results in a door that may weigh up to half as much as a competitive model and can be installed easily by one person.

One person garage door installation

Hurricane-rated garage doors typically have many more parts to assemble than a standard garage door. Other manufacturers often rely on the installer to locate the right position, hand drill and install the necessary fasteners and components in the field. This takes time and requires the installer to follow the approval drawing to a tee. Raynor simplifies installation by providing components with holes pre-punched and matching holes on the sections that enable easy, precise location of components and quicker installation.
In addition to their heavy-duty construction, a hurricane-rated garage door also requires reinforced installation.
  1. First, hurricane post(s) are installed prior to a hurricane. These provide additional strength to your door.
  2. The top of the post is anchored to the header with heavy-duty galvanized hardware.
  3. The middle of the door is strapped to the post to prevent the door from being pulled out of the opening by negative wind forces.
  4. The bottom of the post is pinned to the floor, also using heavy-duty galvanized hardware.

Corrosion from salty air

Because hurricane-rated doors are often required in coastal regions, they’re exposed to corrosive salt air. Some garage door products use inferior paint and thin, electro-galvanized steel that is susceptible to excessive corrosion that shortens their service life. Raynor wind-rated doors are constructed using heavy-duty, high quality, hot dipped galvanized hardware and section steel. These doors also feature heavy-duty components, such as diamond hinges, high-strength rollers, and single or double end stiles for added security depending on the wind load requirements.

Another option for further protection of a Raynor hurricane-rated garage door is Armor Finish™, a laminated exterior film layer that is virtually impervious to corrosion from the sea salt air.

Keeping up with local code compliance

Approvals and testing of wind load rated products is expensive. Keeping up with frequent changes to local building codes and making the required engineering changes is difficult. It’s easy to fall behind current requirements and competitive designs.

With on-site testing capability and a dedicated wind load design team, Raynor can react to the needs of our dealers and the ever-changing requirements in hurricane-prone regions. Raynor offers a complete line of Hurricane Ready™ garage doors tested and approved by the Florida Building Code (FBC), the Miami-Dade building code, and the Texas Department of Insurance and approved garage doors are available in a wide variety of designs and styles.

How to prepare your garage door for hurricane season

Due to its enhanced construction, a hurricane-rated garage door has a few features that should be checked before the annual hurricane season to keep your garage door maintained and in top operating condition.

  • Check the door’s seal and weatherstripping for holes or tears. If you find any, repair them with a silicone sealant to prevent water from coming in. Replace any worn gaskets around the perimeter of your door opening as well.
  • Have all worn out hardware including hinges and locks replaced. These parts may not last through hurricane season if they show wear or have been exposed to recent storm damage.
  • In addition, inspect the track to be sure it is properly aligned and free of any obstructions.

Contact the Raynor dealer in your area to conduct a complete garage door safety check. A professional garage door technician can spot a problem before it becomes an emergency. That’s one less thing to worry about when cleaning up after a major tropical storm.

Storm safety and beautiful styles

A heavy-duty hurricane-rated garage door does not mean ugly, bulky design style. You can get true hurricane protection along with attractive styling that enhances the beauty of your home, while providing storm safety at the same time. Nearly every model Raynor residential steel garage door is available with a wind load option.

When it comes to hurricane-rated garage doors, safety is always the priority. This type of door should be up to date with the latest safety standards and local building codes. Raynor hurricane-rated garage doors meet or exceed the most rigorous wind load or impact ratings and are constructed with heavy-duty components and reinforcements that make them able to withstand high winds or other forces during a storm event. Raynor offers several tough, yet beautiful models and designs. Contact Raynor dealer to help find the perfect one for your needs.

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