How to Secure a Garage Door?

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Knowing how to secure a garage door goes a long way in helping you prevent people from breaking into your home.

While many homeowners focus on window and door security, they neglect their garages, despite this area being one of the most lucrative parts of a home. Fortunately, there are several ways to secure your garage.

Garage Door Security

Your home is only as safe as its weakest point of entry. For many homes, that point is usually the garage door. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to secure your garage door. These few simple tips can help you learn how to secure a garage door.

Lock the Entry Door Connecting Your Garage and Home

An attached garage allows you to get in and out of your home without walking through inclement weather. However, that door can be a significant security concern.

Fortunately, always locking this door will help you resolve this concern. Alternatively, you could install a steel security door or a garage door security lock.

Install a Garage Door Security Lock

Does your garage door open manually using a handle? Consider fitting it with a lock that has rolling codes or requires a physical key. By doing so, you can prevent people from gaining access to your garage until you or authorized personnel open the door.

Shield Your Lock

In addition to installing a security lock, we recommend shielding your garage door’s emergency release lever to increase your garage door security further.

Install Security Cameras and Motion-Activated Flood Lights

Consider installing solar-powered, motion-activated lights near your garage doors and windows. The lights will direct a bright beacon as soon as it detects movement.

With thieves preferring to operate under cover of darkness, few things deter them from breaking into your garage more than a sudden burst of light.

Be Keen on Your Landscaping

Thieves also take advantage of the cover the bushes and trees near your garage door or window provide. Paying attention to your home’s landscaping is a part of learning how to secure a garage door.

For instance, clearing shrubs and large trees and keeping entry points visible will ensure passersby and neighbours can see all that goes on near your garage. You could also consider planting thorny shrubs under your garage windows.

Pay Attention to Garage Door Opener Security

Automatic garage door opener security can determine the security of your garage.

Avoid leaving automatic garage door openers in your vehicle. Instead, carry it into the house and keep it with your car keys.

Hide Your Possessions

Blinds and interior curtains will help conceal your high-valued possessions and prevent burglars from getting the motivation to break into your home.

Quality, High-Security Garage Doors

At Raynor Garage Doors, we understand how vital security is to you. We dedicate our expertise and experience to creating high-security garage doors that meet high product performance, safety, and security standards.

Get in touch with our experts today and let us help you learn how to secure a garage door. To find a Raynor Authorized Dealer near you.

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