6 Garage Door Safety and Security Tips for Your Home

Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage door is a great way to add convenience and functionality to your home. However, garage doors can also create safety and security hazards that you need to be aware of. Here are six tips we prepared to help keep you, your family, and your belongings safe:

1 – Test Your Sensors

It’s critical to ensure that your garage door sensors are working correctly. Garage door sensors that aren’t operational can lead to dangerous situations.

Place a piece of wood or a paper towel roll as a fake obstruction in the path of the door to test your sensors. Then, press your garage door button to see what happens. If the garage door starts moving at all, it’s time to call an expert.

2 – Child Safety

If you have children, follow these guidelines to keep them safe:

Don’t let them play with your garage door remote (or your garage door in general). Make sure that wall-mounted control buttons are out of their reach. Ensure that step stools accessible to children don’t have control buttons on them.

To help your children be safe, explain the hazards of garage doors.

For security reasons, teach them not to provide the garage door passcode.

3 – Emergency Release Feature

Learn how to operate your garage door’s emergency release feature. This can come in handy if you ever need to detach the garage door opener system from the garage door in an emergency.

Note: Be sure the door is in the down position before you disengage the door from the opener. Garage doors can be extremely heavy and extremely dangerous if they come crashing down.
Read the instructions in your owner’s manual thoroughly, or have a qualified professional demonstrate this for you.

4 – Vacation Preparation

Before you leave for your vacation, unplug the garage door opener. This will render all remote controls and pin pads useless.

5 – Sharing Your Passcode

Newer garage door systems now allow you to create special user-specific and one-time passcodes for your visitors. If a code is ever leaked, having a user-specific and one-time passcode will enable you to make changes and secure your home again. If your passcodes ever become known to others, your safety and valuables are at risk. Avoid giving out the master passcode.

6 – Leaving Your Garage Door Partially Open

It’s never good to leave your garage door open, no matter how hot it is outside. Open garage doors are seen as an opportunity by thieves. Animals may get into your garage and wreak havoc.
Finally, the sensors on the activated door might stop working correctly, or debris may get under the door, potentially causing injury, property damage, or security issues.
When no one is home, never leave the garage door open.

Enjoy a Safe and Secure Home

Regular maintenance, such as oiling hinges or replacing worn components, will keep your garage doors in good working order.

We hope these safety and security tips are helpful. If you need additional help or have questions, Find our authorized Dealer in your area here https://raynor.com/dealer-locator/

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