Give Your Garage Door TLC: How to Maintain Garage Doors

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Let’s face it: your garage door takes a lot of abuse. The elements continuously bombard it, and it has many moving parts that require regular maintenance. Neglecting your garage door will cause you problems down the road. However, you may not know how to maintain garage doors. 

To avoid the headache and expense of repairing or replacing a poorly maintained garage door, here are some garage door maintenance tips to keep in mind:

What is Preventative Maintenance on a Garage Door? 

Before everything else, let’s answer two questions: What is preventative maintenance? Why is it important for garage doors? 

Preventative maintenance is a series of tasks you can perform to keep your garage door working correctly. Left unattended, your garage door components may cease to function or come loose, putting you and your family at risk. Professional repairs and replacements can be expensive and are best avoided by keeping up a comprehensive maintenance routine. 

On average, garage door repairs cost anywhere from $150 to $400, depending on the problem. Moreover, you typically need to call in experts for the repairs, which can mean waiting for an appointment. However, DIY garage door maintenance can be cheap or even free and performed at any time.   

Four Ways to Maintain Your Garage Doors

  1. Use your door sparingly

Your garage door contains a complicated wiring system that can easily wear down if you keep using your electric garage door opener. Limit your garage door operation whenever possible. Don’t exit through your garage door when leaving your home unless necessary. 

  1. Schedule regular inspections

Scheduling regular garage door inspections is a fantastic way to ensure that your garage door is in top condition. For example, if your garage door is not properly balanced, a trained technician can spot the issue and level the door. They can also offer advice on how to maintain garage doors in the future. 

  1. Remove rust and debris as soon as possible 

Always keep your doors clean and all components such as rollers and garage door springs free of debris and rust. Wood garage doors, especially, are prone to rot in moist and humid conditions. If possible, get your garage doors treated with sealant to prevent the material from deteriorating. 

  1. Test the reverse safety function 

The reverse function is a safety feature that prevents the doors from closing when it detects a block. To test this, place an object such as a book or cement block under the door. The door should reverse within two seconds of hitting the object. 

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