5 Maintenance Tips You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

Garage Door Winter Maintenance Tips
As we are ready to say hello to fall and winter, it’s time to organize your garage space and prepare it for the winter months ahead. Garages are more than a place to park your car and may wind up being full of miscellaneous items prone to weather damage. Here are five maintenance tips you can do now that will ensure your garage is in tip-top shape when winter comes around:

1 – Check the Garage Weather Stripping

If your garage is in an area where it rains or snows, be sure to inspect the weatherstripping that seals along the bottom of your garage door for any tears or deteriorated sections or gaps. If your weatherstripping has any of these problems, it’s time to replace it.
Weatherstripping can become damaged any time of the year, and replacing it will prevent water, debris, and living creatures such as mice or rats from entering your garage.

2 – Garage Door, Opener, and Remote

Check the garage door and opener for any issues they might have. A shaky or slow moving garage door might be an indication that the spring is in need of repair. It may also be time to repair or replace your garage door opener if it doesn’t operate correctly.
It is also important to replace the batteries in your remote on a regular basis! Being proactive can save a lot of time and headache later!
If you have any concerns (safety or operational) about your garage door operating correctly, please contact one of our dealers.

3 – Insulation

If you live in an extreme climate and have an attached garage and/or use your garage all year as a workspace, insulating the garage doors and adding insulation in the garage walls may be a wise investment. Many people keep more than just their vehicles in the garage, and extreme temperatures may harm valuables in storage.
Insulation can also save you money on heating.

4 – Organizing and Cleaning

Clean out any clutter from your garage – as much as possible! This includes things like old furniture, boxes of stuff, unused tools, etc. Anything you don’t use regularly should be stored elsewhere so that your space stays clean and organized during the colder months ahead.
Having a well-organized and clean garage may make your life a lot easier. Put away summer things and organize the winter/fall tools and holiday décor for quick accessibility. Changing seasons is just one of several straightforward tasks you can accomplish to make your garage more organized and user-friendly.

5 – Inspect the Garage Floor

If your garage floor has big cracks and holes, it’s time to fill them. Water can freeze in those fissures, causing more harm to the surface.
Because they become stronger than the concrete after hardening and curing, experts and DIYers prefer special garage door epoxies and polyurethane crack-fillers.

Contact our professional dealers for Routine Maintenance and Safety Checks

Hopefully, you will find these suggestions helpful and be able to enjoy your well-organized, functional garage throughout the fall and winter months.
If you have any questions about your garage doors or would like to have one of our service professionals come to your home for routine garage door maintenance, locate a Dealer in your area here https://raynor.com/dealer-locator/
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