Single vs. Double Garage Door: Which is Best for Your Home?

Single Garage Door vs. Double Garage Door

When you build or renovate a garage, you have many choices. Choosing between a single garage door vs. a double is a decision you must make early on to ensure the perfect design. In this article, the team from Raynor Garage Doors goes over how to choose between the two. 

The Benefits of Two Single Garage Doors

Garage door sizes vary, but you’ll need a space at least 22 feet wide for two single doors. This size allows homeowners to get in and out of their cars quickly. The benefits of this type include the following:

  • Each door has a garage door opener and motor, so they operate independently. This feature is helpful if you have two people on different schedules using the double garage. It’s also useful in the event of a malfunction.
  • You control what garage space you expose at a time. Double doors reveal the whole area every time you open the door. 
  • It can be more energy-efficient than double garage door styles because opening one door at a time keeps the internal temperature more even. 
  • They work well for smaller cars as each door has less wiggle room than the modern double garage door.
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing as there are many more design options.
  • Single doors tend to blend into the background more and take up less visual real estate. 

The Benefits of Double Garage Door Styles

In the debate of single garage door vs. double, size often matters. A double garage door requires only 18 feet of space. It may pay to replace the garage door with double doors if:

  • You wish to reclaim four feet of space to repurpose. 
  • Your family needs more space internally.
  • The budget is a little stretched. When you ask, “How much is a double garage door vs. two singles?” bear in mind that the latter requires two sets of motors and extra labour to install.
  • You want to incur fewer maintenance costs. With one door, there is only one track and motor to maintain. 
  • There are less-experienced drivers in the family. 
  • There are different sizes of vehicles. You can easily fit a minivan and a smaller car side by side. 
  • You have three small cars that need shelter.
  • You want to improve the natural lighting. If you use your garage as a workshop, home office, or gym, the glass panels in the door will give you plenty of light. 

That leaves you much to ponder. Are you going to replace a garage door with double doors to save space, or stick to what you have? Speak to our team for more advice before deciding.

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