How to Pair Your Front Door and Garage Door?

Front and Garage Door Pairing

Knowing how to pair your front door and garage door can enhance your home’s curb appeal, making it more enticing to prospective buyers. Choosing the right garage and front door pairing allows you to achieve a cohesive architectural style that perfectly ties your home’s elements together.

This post will offer a guide on how to pair your front door and garage door, showing you how you can achieve a wide variety of combinations.

How to Determine if Your Garage and Front Doors Should Match

The general rule is that you should have your garage door matching your front door if they are both facing the street because the uniformity creates a more welcoming and comfortable appearance.

Besides this, there are other factors you can use to determine how suitable a matching garage door and front door combo could be. For example, you should match your front and garage doors if:

  • Your home has a unique exterior design.
  • You have a brightly colored front door.
  • You would like your home to make a bold statement.

How to Pair Your Front Door and Garage Door

Though the pairing you opt for ultimately depends on your tastes and preferences, the following tips on how to pair your front door and garage door could make the decision easier.

Implement Similar Design Elements

Choosing doors with similar design elements will help you create a matching combination that perfectly accentuates your home. Consider looking for doors with similar structures and panel shapes. You could also pick doors with matching door knobs and handles.

Match the Materials

Getting the same materials is essential when you want your garage door to match the front door. There is an extensive range of materials you can get, each with unique pros and cons. Some popular materials include steel, wood, glass, and fibreglass.

Along with the front and garage doors’ materials, you should also consider the materials you use in your home. Doing so will help ensure the doors complement the current framework.

Be Aware of Color Scheme

There are multiple garage door and front door color combinations. Consider incorporating shades from the existing color palette to achieve a balanced look.

Additionally, do not be afraid to implement bold colors to make the look pop. However, if you choose to do this, use a more subtle shade for one of the doors.

Accentuate Your Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style can help you pick cohesive doors.

For instance, a rustic pair of doors perfectly complement a farmhouse-style home. On the other hand, doors with dark colors and steel framing pair well with a modern-style home.

Get the Right Garage Door and Front Door Combo

While these few tips will help, getting assistance from trained, experienced garage door professionals will help ensure you achieve the right garage door and front door combination.

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