Roll-Up vs. Overhead Garage Door: What’s the Difference & Which one to Choose

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Do you need new garage doors for your business, warehouse, or commercial property? If you’re in the market, you may see many different types of garage doors and wonder which type will work best for your property. 

In this blog, we talk about what roll-up garage doors and overhead sectionals are and which option will best suit your commercial application. 

What Are Roll-Up Garage Doors?

Manufacturers create roll-up garage doors using interlocking horizontal sheets of treated or untreated steel. These thin steel sheet panels coil when lifted, wrapping in on themselves.

Roll-up garage doors work well for the following commercial applications: 

  •         Mechanics and vehicle repair shops
  •         Warehouses
  •         Storage facilities
  •         Restaurants
  •         Breweries
  •         Shipping warehouses
  •         Fire departments
  •         And more

Benefits of Choosing Roll-Up Garage Doors

Property owners frequently use roll-up garage doors due to their many built-in benefits. When properly installed and maintained, roll-up garage doors: 

  •         Provide increased security 
  •         Boost indoor insulation 
  •         Need very little maintenance 
  •         Provide weatherproofing for all spaces

Steel Roll-up Garage Doors

Standard steel roll-up garage doors work well for commercial applications that require no additional installation. Choose these doors in climates where the average temperature doesn’t drop below around 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year or for situations where temperature control doesn’t pose an issue. 

Insulated Roll-up Garage Doors

Insulated roll-up garage doors provide affordable access solutions for commercial properties needing additional indoor temperature control. 

Manufacturers back these rolling steel doors with a thin layer of flexible but powerful polyethylene insulation, a type of air bubble insulation with foil backing. This insulative lining rolls up with the door and doesn’t add bulk to the resulting coil. 

Overhead Sectional Door Details

Commercial overhead sectional doors connect horizontal steel panels using metal hinges. As these doors retract during lifting, the hinges on these panels allow the door to curve and slide along a horizontal metal track attached to the room’s ceiling. 

This type of commercial garage door works best for properties seeking to outfit small spaces or spaces with limited overhead storage space. Some commercial applications for overhead sectional garage doors include: 

  •         Shipping docks
  •         Vehicle showrooms
  •         Service stations
  •         Large-volume shipping warehouses
  •         And more

Benefits of Choosing Overhead Sectional Doors

When comparing the commercial rollup door vs. overhead door options, overhead sectional doors offer many unique benefits. The flexibility of these doors lends itself to functionality in larger door frames, often used in commercial warehouses, loading docks, and other large-scale operations. 

These doors also offer easy repairs and quick installation thanks to the separate panels used in their construction.

Find Expert Garage Door Service

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