How to Weatherproof your Garage Door?

Weatherproof Garage Door USA

No matter where you live, keeping the garage door weatherproof is essential to prevent heat loss, moisture, and dust.

Losing heat through garage doors can affect the overall energy efficiency of your home and increase your bills. In addition, built-up moisture can lead to mold issues and foul odour. 

Fortunately, you can learn how to weatherproof your garage door to keep your space warm and dry. Here are a few ways to weatherproof your garage and make the most out of the area. 

Door Insulation

Insulating the garage walls is one of the best and most efficient ways to prevent heat loss and mold accumulation. You can also install quality insulation on your current door or upgrade to a new insulated door. 

Weather Stripping for Garage Doors

Moisture and cold drafts can easily seep in through the garage doors. Luckily, there are a few tactics to prevent this, such as weather stripping for garage doors.

Here are garage door bottom seal types to consider for weather stripping:

  • Threshold Seal: A threshold seal is a perfect option if you have an uneven garage floor, preventing the door from sitting perfectly against the ground. With this seal, you can block moisture and dirt from entering your garage and protect the space from outdoor elements. 
  • Perimeter Seal: Even the best high-quality garage doors aren’t immune to drafts. With perimeter or rubber seals, you can quickly solve this problem and make your garage more weatherproof. 

Knowing how to seal a garage door is one of the best ways to weatherproof your garage.


When learning how to weatherproof a garage door, you can’t overlook the opener. Constantly forgetting to close the garage door can cause cold drafts. The good thing is that an automatic garage door opener can solve this problem. 

Most automatic openers come with a timer that helps close the door automatically when you forget to shut it yourself. You can also consider remote monitoring, which is often available as a smart garage feature. 

Look for Damage

A garage door in poor condition is not suitable for weatherproofing. Before you invest in materials to weatherproof, it is advisable to check whether the garage door is in proper shape and repair any issues you find. Check for dents, bubbles, and cracks in the aluminum track and exterior. 

If there is severe damage, you might want to consider replacing your old garage door with a new energy-efficient one. You could be wasting time and money attempting to weatherproof a severely damaged door. Fortunately, there are plenty of modern, energy-efficient garage door options to make your garage more weatherproof.

Consult with Our Garage Experts

Whether you are wondering how to seal a garage door, how to weatherproof your garage door or want to explore garage door bottom seal types, don’t hesitate to consult with the garage door experts. Contact a Raynor Authorized Dealer today. We are here to help you choose the right door for your needs and ensure it will serve you for years.

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