Garage Curb Appeal Ideas

garage curb appeal ideas USA

Why take some time to consider a few garage curb appeal ideas? The front door is where guests first see your home, but it is the garage door that will catch their eye as they drive up. It is also the last thing they will see as they leave.

Below, the experts from Raynor Garage Doors share some great ideas to help you realize your garage door’s full potential.

How to Improve Curb Appeal with a New Garage Door

If the garage door looks rough or does not match the home’s exterior, this single feature could ruin an otherwise perfect impression. On the other hand, a refurbished or new garage door will not only improve the curb appeal of your home but could also increase its market value! Here are some ways to upgrade garage appeal for striking results:

Match your home’s architecture

One of the best curb appeal improvements is a garage door style that enhances the home’s architectural style. Raynor Garage Doors offers a variety of styles, including:

Visit Raynor’s design center to see all the styles, colors, and options available. Raynor Authorized Dealers can also help you select a garage door that incorporates the right exterior decor with your preferred security requirements.

Add windows and decorative hardware.

Do you want your garage to feel like part of the house instead of like random storage space? Consider decorative windows to add more natural light and beautify your exterior garage doors. You could also add interest with cost-effective decorative garage door hardware, such as handles and hinges.

Upgrade to an automatic garage door opener

Is it time to upgrade your garage door by adding an automatic garage door opener? This change makes it easy to get a vehicle in and out, which saves time and money. New openers can be purchased individually, or select a new door/opener combination for a dramatic change to your exterior’s aesthetic. 

Leverage lighting upgrades

Have you considered installing lighting above each bay? Outdoor lighting creates a focal point and can highlight the garage as an attractive feature on the property. It makes your home look more welcoming and allows security cameras to capture clearer images of anyone nearby.

Level-Up Your Garage’s Appeal with Raynor Garage Doors

Would you like to explore Raynor Garage Doors’ amazing range of beautiful and durable garage doors USA? Our Raynor Authorized Dealers make it easy for homeowners to find the new garage door they need or to service or upgrade their existing one. Contact a Raynor Authorized Dealer.

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