Protect Your Garage Throughout Winter With These Easy Tips

Garage Winter Tips

The following are some tips to keep your garage protected throughout the cold winter season

With just a few simple maintenance additions to your garage, you’ll have it ready and geared up for winter. These solutions are affordable and easy to achieve.

Tip#1 Wall & Door insulation

With the temperatures dropping, the garage will become colder, and if you want your garage to have some temperature control, insulation is important. Insulation will keep your vehicle and other items stored in the garage safer from freezing temperatures.

Raynor’s Aspen model features a patented NeuFoam insulation that fills 100% of the interior cavity for superior R-Value and thermal efficiency.

Why insulate your garage?

  • Decrease energy costs
  • You can create extra space during the winter
  • Protects your items against rust and moisture
  • Insulation may provide some noise cancellation (you can enjoy your music without being a disturbance)
  • Insulation can keep outside noises from interfering

Tip#2 Repair the garage door where needed

Throughout the year, your garage door takes on quite a bit of wear and tear. Regular maintenance could prevent having to do major repairs and spending excessive money on the project.

If your garage door needs mending, then it’s best to take care of it before the cold season kicks in. If the door is in bad shape, it might need replacing altogether. If you opt to replace your garage door, there’s the option of purchasing pre-insulated ones, which will be a two for one win on your end.

Tip#3 Get a heater installed

Once your garage is insulated and secure for winter, sometimes the next best thing is to install a heater. Having a heater in the garage will make it nice and cozy and warm, even if you need to use the space as a home office. There are also options for portable heating devices which are affordable and easy to use. Be sure to read manuals for safety and potential hazards.

Tip#4 Weatherstripping replacement

Weatherstrips are perfect for keeping the elements out and, in this case, the cold weather from getting into your garage. Weatherstrips are affordable and great for insulation as it also keeps moisture out. Replacing the weatherstrips before the cold season arrives will help you keep cold out and the heat in.


Investing in insulating your garage can save you on energy bills in the long run. Contact your local Raynor Dealer today to talk about your options!

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