Are There Any Financial Benefits of Getting a New Garage Door?

Residential Garage Door

Getting a new garage door for your home does have its aesthetic and functional benefits, like a quieter operating door. Many homeowners do not realize when shopping for new residential garage doors that there are financial benefits a new door will provide as well.

#1: New garage doors include a warranty.

The warranty on your new garage door covers repairs for a set period. So, if anything should go wrong, you will not have to worry about garage door repair costs.

#2: New garage doors require less maintenance and repairs.

Another financial perk you gain is reducing maintenance and repair costs. You will want to keep up with annual garage door maintenance to ensure your new door lasts as long as possible.

#3: New garage doors add to the curb appeal of homes.

One of the first things people notice when driving or walking by homes is the garage door. Having a new residential garage door installed will improve your home’s curb appeal. Depending on the style, type, and design, the new door could even make the entire home’s exterior look fresh.

#4: New garage doors can increase the value of homes.

Having a new garage door installed can boost your home’s property value depending on the features and options you choose. Should you ever decide to sell your home while the door is still newer, it is not surprising to find out your home is worth more when it is appraised. A new garage door can increase your perceived selling value by up to 4%. One

#5: New garage doors can make homes more energy-efficient.

If you choose an insulated residential garage door, you will notice your garage stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You also want to ensure your new door has weather-stripping seals that help keep cold and hot air out of the garage.

When Should I Start Considering a New Garage Door Financially Speaking?

All garage doors have a break-even point – typically between five and ten years. Once they exceed this, you need to pay attention to the costs you spend on garage door maintenance and repairs.

For example, if you are spending money on door repairs every two to four months, this is a good indication it is time to get a new garage door. Even though repairs might seem like they cost less, in the long run, if you start adding up the repair costs, eventually, you will have spent the same amount as you would on a new garage door.

So, if you have your garage door repair technician stored as a favorite in your contacts, it is definitely time to invest in a new garage door.

As evident, there are several financial benefits to getting a new residential garage door for your home. To find the perfect garage door for your home contact a local dealer today through Raynor’s U.S. and Canadian dealer locator!

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