Buying a Garage Door With or Without Windows: What’s the Better Option?

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When installing a new garage, you have a lot to consider. With the garage door alone, you must think about color, design, function, and more. One of the choices you’ll need to make is if you want a garage door with or without windows.

Installing windows in your garage has pros and cons. Every home and homeowner is different, so the final choice will be your preference. Considering what you use the garage for and how you want it to look are reasonable initial steps in making this decision. 

To provide some guidance, we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of having windows in your garage door. Hopefully, these will assist you in determining which is the better option for you. 

Advantages of Windows

Better Lighting

A door with windows will provide better lighting to your garage. The windows allow natural light and luminescence from streetlamps to penetrate the garage, creating a warmer and less dismal environment. 

Better lighting might be a significant pro if you often use your garage for things other than storage. Lighting may be less appealing if your garage is just a place for boxes and vehicles.

Design and Curb Appeal

Garage doors without windows are often plain and stick out like a sore thumb. If you want to match a home design with many glass panels, then windows in the garage door are crucial. A more attractive garage door with windows that correlates with the rest of the house can add curb appeal, increase value, and help sell your home.

More Options

Your options will change based on whether you want a garage door with or without windows. Without windows, you’ll be able to choose from different patterns and colors. With windows, however, you expand the possibilities. 

Garage door windows come in various colors, styles, and shapes, allowing you to personalize your garage door’s appearance.

Disadvantages of Windows

Less Security

Thieves may see garage door windows as an opportunity to break in. Windows could allow access to your belongings in the garage or even your home. If you live in an area with frequent break-ins, a garage door without windows may be the safe choice. 

Considering installing reinforced glass panels if you are set on windows and want to increase security.

Lack of Privacy

Even if break-ins aren’t your concern, you might feel uncomfortable with people peering through your garage door windows. Windowless garage doors may be better for those who spend significant time in their garage and want a sense of privacy.


Garage doors with windows are more expensive, especially if you choose intricate colors and designs. Still, the increase in home value that the windows provide may offset the extra cost. 

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A garage door with or without windows: What’s the better option? Ultimately you should base your decision on the factors that matter to you. If security is your priority, then forgo windows. If curb appeal ranks higher, consider windows with an attractive design.

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