Get In or Out, Even When the Power’s Out


Though it is inconvenient at best when your electricity goes out, losing the ability to open or close your garage door can be among the most unnerving consequences. Of course, you can operate the garage door manually from inside the garage by pulling on the emergency release handle. Be sure you and other family members know how to do that. Another good solution: Choose a garage door opener with DC backup power.

Four Raynor garage door opener models are available with that battery backup feature built right in. Included are:

Raynor Prodigy™ II with WiFi™

Raynor Prodigy™ II (battery backup capable)

With any of these models, the motor and control system continues to operate normally when there is a power outage. It’s that simple. Open or close the garage door from your car, from the keypad and wall panel switch as well as from anywhere in the world using the MyQ® WiFi app on your smartphone or tablet.

Raynor Admiral II with WiFi Garage Door Opener with Built-in Power Outage Protection

Admiral II and other models also alert you with an audible signal whenever there is an electrical outage. This battery backup feature is controlled by an integrated circuit board that returns the unit to house current when the power comes back on.

Considered in California to be a necessary safeguard in the event of a fire, battery backup is required with any garage door opener installed in residential applications on or after July 1, 2019. California wildfires in recent years have brought special attention to this matter, leading to the passage of California Senate Bill 969, which is intended to enable safe exit from the home in an emergency.

Wherever you live, if it is time to replace your garage door opener, consider one with battery backup. It’s another measure of home safety as well as convenience that will give you extra peace of mind. By coupling that battery backup with MyQ® connectivity, you’ll also never have to wonder if the garage door was left open while you are away.

Ask your local Raynor Dealer for more information about the Admiral II with WiFi garage door opener with the reliable battery-power-on-demand feature.

Do you know how to disconnect your garage door opener and operate the door manually? 

Download this free safety guide.


Free safety guide

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