Emergency Battery Backup for Your Garage Door Opener – Do You Need One?

Garage door openers are great devices that can help you get in and out of your garage with ease. However, when the power goes out, your garage door won’t be able to function. That’s where garage door opener battery backups come in handy. If you want to make sure that your garage is safe during an emergency, read this blog post for more information!

Operational During Power Outages

Weather can strike at any moment during the winter season. Winter storms may result in loss of power that lasts from a few seconds to a few days. During the winter, having battery backup on your garage door opener is an excellent idea.

Emergency Situations in California

As of July 1, 2019, California in the United States has mandated new residential garage door openers that are sold or installed on or after that date include a battery backup.

This is intended to help reduce the chance of someone getting trapped in their garage during a wildfire or potential emergency situation.

Safety First in Your Home

Having a battery backup to operate your garage door certainly saves the headache of lifting the residential garage door manually to get the car in and out. But, it can save more than a headache.

Many garage doors happen to be the only way in or out of a garage, and in the event of an emergency, it needs to open if someone is trapped inside. The release mechanism for many garage doors is up above the reach of some people, such as the elderly or the youth, who might not be able to disengage the door. Even then, if they did, lifting the door to get out may prove next to impossible.

Is a Battery Backup Compatible With My Garage Door Opener?

Battery backups may be included as part of installing a new garage door opener, or they can be added to existing openers. Aftermarket solutions connect into your garage door opener if you have one.

What’s a balanced garage door?

We spoke about the difficulties for individuals without power or with garage doors that are incorrectly balanced.
Metal garage doors may weigh 125 lbs or 57 kg for each 9-foot by 7-foot door. Solid wooden doors are heavier!
You may want to have a professional visit with you at your garage to ensure that the spring mechanism in the door counterbalances the weight, keeping it to no more than 8 to 10 pounds (3 to 5 kg).

Yes, It’s a Good Idea

A garage door opener battery backup will provide homeowners with peace of mind that they will always be ready when the power is out. Battery backup will handle the heavy lifting necessary to operate your garage door in these situations.

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