New Garage Doors Continue to Yield Exceptional Payback In Home Value

Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 “Cost vs. Value” trend report has been released and it is very good news for anyone considering an update of their garage doors. In the survey’s rankings, a fresh new garage door provides a whopping 94.5% return on its cost in terms of additional home resale value.

The annual Cost vs. Value Trend Report ranks 22 different remodeling projects in 101 U.S. markets. Once again this year, garage doors are in the very top tier of investment payback, outpacing other popular projects such as roofing replacement, new windows, and even kitchen or bathroom remodels.

COST RECOUPED – NEW GARAGE DOORSGarage Door Return On Investment 2020

Source: Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value Report 2020

Among the top projects to enhance home value

This new information indicates that updating your garage door may be a good decision regardless if you are planning to stay where you are or to sell your home soon. If you live in a Pacific state such as California, the results were even more dramatic with 117.1% yield, well above the 94.5% national average. New England states also did well with higher than average payback of 99.5%.

With home values and resale rates continuing on the upswing, now is an excellent time to plan replacement of your old garage door and opener. New door styles, window options, safety features and opener technology upgrades provide many opportunities for you to make your garage a key reason why your home could sell before others and at a higher price.

For curb appeal, nothing beats the fresh new look of a Raynor door.

Realtors have long known that garage doors play an important role in property values and overall aesthetics. If prospective home buyers don’t like how a home presents from the street, they are much less likely to take a look inside. An old door with dents, peeling or faded finish and generally outdated appearance is a definite strike against the home’s marketability.

It’s evident: garage doors account for a large percentage of the home’s visual appearance. Make them work their magic for you now as well as later when you plan to sell. By doing so you can enjoy a great new look inside and out along with quieter operation and the peace of mind that a new door and opener can provide with up to date safety features and programming. And just maybe … it will be such a nice update, you won’t want to sell after all!

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If you haven’t done so already, please register your warranty and also be familiar with these simple maintenance tips that will help prolong your door system’s life and keep it working safely:


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