What are the Best Lighting Choices for My Garage?


The introduction of top-notch lighting can be terrific for people who want to enhance their garages considerably. If you’re looking for garage lighting, you should take the time to assess the broad range of categories out there waiting for you. After all, garage lighting is accessible in an abundance of varieties, styles, and colors.

Indoor Garage Light Varieties

Identifying indoor garage lights that accommodate exterior and interior requirements is critical. Indoor garage lighting is simultaneously functional and welcoming. Your aim should be to select indoor garage lighting that can manage your specific preferences and needs well.

Wraparound Lights

Wraparound lights are optimal for garages that are equipped with ceilings that are on the low side. Unlike shop or utility lights, they never hang. They have the ability to direct lighting from their two sides. Wraparound lights are favourites among folks who want to avoid boards and ladders in their garages.

Utility Lights

These are also referred to as shop lights. Utility lights are essential for garages that feature studios for work purposes. These updated fluorescent offerings are economical and straightforward. Despite that, they offer powerful illumination. They come in handy for areas that are relatively tight and narrow. They have energy efficiency on their side.

Recessed Lights

“Pot lights” are another name for these. Recessed lights are connected to ceiling holes. They push light down and are made up of three primary sections. These sections are the bulb, the housing, and, last but not least, the trim. People appreciate the intense illumination recessed lights bring to the equation. Although they offer intense illumination, they conceal light fixtures. They satisfy lighting for entire rooms, too.

High Bay Lights

These lights are ideal for sizable areas, and they have powerful outputs. That’s how they can contribute to garages that are much more upbeat in vibe. These lights are optimal for places that have high ceilings.

Outdoor Garage Light Varieties

These lights offer an abundance of perks. Be sure to evaluate the outdoor varieties that are available to you. Garage coach lights are visually appealing, and they enable people to pick their preferred bulbs. Motion garage sensor lights switch on instantly when they pick up nearby motion. 

Light Bulb Varieties

Evaluating the pros and cons of all your bulb choices is critical. LED or fluorescent bulbs are associated with energy efficiency and longevity. They don’t give off heat, which consequently minimizes fire hazards. Incandescent bulbs are particularly economical. Halogen bulbs give off pale lighting that’s optimal for spotlight purposes. They offer especially vivid lighting. Compact fluorescent bulbs are accessible in many colors. They’re capable of illuminating wide sections effectively.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Garage Lighting

Creating the best garage lighting for your property requires you to consider the following factors:

  • Brightness
  • Direction
  • Mobility
  • Durability
  • Energy usage
  • Price
  • Ease of installation


When deciding on the type of light you want for your space, consider the number of lumens needed to provide adequate lighting. Lumens indicate the amount of strength and brightness that emit from a single light source and play an important part in garage lighting. 

For example, 60-watt light bulbs work great for indoor task lighting, but they may not provide enough illumination for refined or detailed projects. For dedicated projects or professional tasks, like a workshop or automotive garage, choose lights that produce at least 1,000 lumens or more. 


For some professions or detailed projects, the direction your light faces plays another important factor. Overhead lighting will fill the room more effectively if it has a wider capacity for dispersal. When working in confined areas such as under a car, choose a combination of lights such as a floodlight to direct light where you need it the most.   


While overhead lighting works great to illuminate large areas in your garage, ceiling lights always remain in a fixed position. On the other hand, adjustable light fixtures like spotlights and floodlights allow you to turn or pivot bulb clusters toward a desired space, providing direct lighting while you work.

Portable light stands to make it convenient to set up and break down when you have multiple tasks in different areas of the garage. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for handheld flashlights that attach to surfaces magnetically or battery-powered light stands that don’t need an electrical outlet.


Like all tools in the garage, equipment with the most durability will last the longest. Consider purchasing light fixtures with resilient housing that can withstand impact or accidental drops. Likewise, only choose light bulbs from the best quality materials to ensure the best garage lighting possible.

Some LED bulbs last 25 years, while your average incandescent bulb will burn out in as little as one year. Compact fluorescent bulbs make a reliable mid-range choice, lasting up to ten years. However, CFL bulbs contain mercury, which can present a chemical hazard if broken.  


As with all home purchases, finding the best quality garage lighting comes down to price. First, decide on your budget, then take time to compare products with the most durability and value. Research product recommendations before buying and avoid cheap products that offer outstanding performance claims. 

Energy Usage

Next to price, you still need to consider lighting costs and energy usage while using your garage lights. Knowing the varieties of light bulbs and their cost to run each year on average can help you save money in the long term.

While a 60-watt incandescent light bulb costs $4.80 on average to run annually, you can save thousands over 25 years with an average 12-watt LED bulb that costs $1.00 to run each year.

Ease of Installation

For DIY installation, simple lighting works best. Handheld and surface-mounted lights don’t require much effort to install and relocate, while high ceiling lights might require the help of a professional to install properly. Once installed, however, you can easily change the bulbs in a ceiling light. 

In contrast, a halogen lamp, for example, requires careful replacement to prevent shortages and failures. Not only are they fragile, but the bulbs can also become dangerously hot, and even the oils on your skin can cause them to fail.    

Color Temperature

Temperature defines the color of light your bulbs produce and range between 3,500 and 6,000 Kelvins. Lower temperature produces warmer or more yellowish light, whereas higher temperature produces a cooler or bluish hue. 

Cooler light temperatures resemble the natural light of day and help our eyes detect contrast more readily. Consider a color temperature of 5,000K or more for your garage for less glare and a natural tone.   

Types of Garage Door Lights: Extra Features

When considering the best garage lighting ideas, you may come across several extra features that some products have in store. Both timers and motion sensors make great lighting options for a garage. Depending on the product design, some light fixtures contain auxiliary ports to power electronics like security cameras.

Portable light fixtures with rechargeable batteries also make a welcome option. Battery-operated lights allow you to set lights around the garage freely without the trouble of finding power outlets or dealing with cables. Using built-in batteries helps save on energy bills down the line as well.

Color-changing bulbs create a moody atmosphere and often allow full control of the color temperature range. In the case of an emergency, some lights come equipped with flashing or strobing abilities that wire directly into your fire or security alarm.

The Best Recommended Garage Lighting Ideas

With so many options to choose from, deciding on the best garage lighting for your home can prove difficult. To help get you started, consider the following list of garage lighting ideas and their features.

Multi-Point Illumination from STKR

For bright overhead lighting in your garage and a handful of great features, look into STKR’s multi-point light system. This lighting set-up relies on a central overhead fixture and powers four smaller lights placed in each corner of your garage’s ceiling. Multi-Point Illumination features:

  • 7,500 lumens in total
  • Motion sensor activation
  • USB port for security camera installation
  • Three-year warranty

Magnetic Light Mine

The extremely handy magnetic light mine has 12 powerful magnets and can adhere to surfaces from almost any angle. Key features of the Magnetic Light Mine include:

  • Weather resistance
  • Compact size
  • Hazard lights
  • One-year warranty

Flexible Flashlights

Flexible flashlights make great hands-free companions in the garage. Made from synthetic rubber materials, flexible flashlights conform to highly moldable shapes to illuminate tight work spaces such as the inside of a car engine. Most flexible flashlights produce 200 to 500 lumens and include other features such as:

  • Weather resistance 
  • Magnetic 
  • Solar panel rechargeability

Are you curious about all of your choices in five-star garage doors or lights and bulbs? Contact one of your local authorized Raynor Garage Doors dealers today!

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