Raynor SecureLoc™

Don't just lock it, SecureLoc it!

Terms and Conditions
In the event a criminal perpetrator gains forcible entry to the owner’s residence by such means, Raynor will repair or replace the door and opener. This anti-break-in assurance does not cover entry through garage door windows, or where the garage door has been cut, sawed through, or where an object has deliberately impaled the door. The anti-break-in assurance does not cover labor charges for the installation or repairs. The homeowner must file an appropriate report of the incident with police authorities, and provide evidence of such report, along with the original receipt for the Raynor Door System (door and opener) and the SO number(s). Raynor’s liability hereunder is limited to the repair or replacement of the garage door and/or opener. Raynor is not responsible for any other damages, including but not limited to damages to the parts of the structure, loss or damages to other personal property, theft of property or physical damages or death.