Prodigy™ III
Residential Garage Door Opener

Premium Series DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

The Ultimate Garage Access Solution, Design to Optimize Space
Space saving and heavy lifting, the Raynor Prodigy III is the ultimate garage access solution. Raynor’s most advanced wall-mount door opener optimizes garage ceiling space overhead, opening up possibilities to what your garage can become. This wall-mount door opener comes fully equipped with must-have features including built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect to the garage and control from your smart phone, myQ® Remote LED light, Integrated Battery Backup, and the Automatic Garage Door Lock. Prodigy III is a part of the Raynor SecureLoc™ system. Combine this Raynor residential garage door opener with the strength of a Raynor residential garage door and have peace of mind knowing your garage is protected from intrusion.

Prodigy III Features and Options

The ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted Raynor Prodigy III jackshaft door opener has a powerful motor with the following features:

DC Motor

Enjoy extra peace and quiet with the long-lasting DC motor.

Security+ 2.0

Security+ 2.0 safeguards your household, with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens only for you. PosiLock® locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening.

Virtually Silent

Keep living spaces virtually silent with the extra-strong, best-in-class, belt drive system.

Battery Backup

Use your Prodigy III garage door opener to open and close your garage door when the power is out with battery backup. Meets California SB-969.


myQ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet or computer. Alerts can be received as email or pop-up notifications on your mobile device so that you always know the status of your garage door.

Smooth Start

Extend hardware life and reduce maintenance with smooth start/stop operation.


Raynor’s SecurLoc system combines the strength of a Raynor residential garage door with a Raynor Prodigy III residential opener that automatically locks when the door closes, giving you the confidence to know that your garage door is locked, preventing access through compromising the release device.


Energy-efficient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.