How to Disable a Garage Door Opener Remote When It’s Lost or Stolen

Disable a Garage Door Opener Remote USA

Learning how to disable a garage door opener remote that is lost or stolen is a simple but essential task. In this article, we’ll look at what to do in either situation. 

Is Your Garage Door Remote Lost or Stolen?

The distinction is important, even though it doesn’t impact how to deactivate a garage door opener. If you’re just unsure of where you left the device, you can use the emergency release cord until you have a good look at it. 

However, if you suspect someone stole the remote control, your garage security is at risk. It then becomes essential to disable the device and reset the door. 

Garage Door Opener Stolen: How to Reset

It takes wily thieves seconds to break into your car and steal your items. Some thieves are looking for an easy win; others have a more long-term mindset. 

They may steal your garage door remote and follow you home so they can break in later while you’re out. They may also trace your address from your car registration or know you personally. 

If there’s little chance that your garage door remote is lost, don’t panic but act immediately to safeguard your home. 

You should call the police to notify them of the theft. While waiting for them, deactivate the clicker. 

How to Deactivate Garage Door Openers

Learning how to disable a garage door opener remote is useful for several reasons: 

  • You may lose the device.
  • Someone may steal the garage door remote.
  • You may need to replace a malfunctioning device.
  • You may wish to revoke access to someone like a previous tenant.

Head into the garage and locate the Smart Button on your garage door opener motor. If you’re unsure where this is, consult the manual for your system so you have the necessary information. The garage door opener lights will blink to indicate that you deprogrammed the system successfully. 

You can confirm this by using your spare clicker to try and open the door. If you complete the steps correctly, none of your remotes will work. 

Reprogram the Unit

Now that you’ve cut off all outside access, you need to reprogram the system to accept the spare or a new device. How to do this usually differs by manufacturer, so check their manual or website for further instructions. 

Prevent Future Mishaps

Being a little more security conscious can also help you keep track of the clicker. Ideally, put it on your set of house or car keys so that you carry it with you at all times. If you want to leave it in the car, ensure it’s out of sight. 

Contact the Professionals

Now that you know how to disable a garage door opener remote, you’re ready if someone steals your device. Your next step is to evaluate the condition of your system and how secure your door is.

Raynor Garage Doors can assist you with both. Contact one of our Authorized Dealers to discuss our range of high-quality garage doors and security products today!

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