Add Garage Door Safety To All The Wellness Advice For This Summer

Amidst social distancing and other safe practices that have disrupted our lives the past few months,  June brings a bit gentler but still important suggestion that we pay attention to a few things about garage door safety as well.

June is officially Garage Door Safety Month (#GarageDoorSafety), a national observance established by the International Door Association (IDA) and Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). It is a time to make sure your door is operating safely and that you and your family use it with cautious respect. Here is a brief safety checklist to keep in mind year round.

These tips are also published on both organizations’ websites linked above.


Look at the garage door, springs, cables and rollers for signs of wear and tear

If you notice frayed cables, rusted or broken springs or anything suspicious, it is strongly suggested that you not try to repair those mechanical devices yourself. They are under high tension and could cause injury. Contact your local authorized Raynor dealer for a professional safety inspection and service. We recommend doing so every two years to keep your garage door maintained properly. In addition to ensuring safety for you, your family and your vehicles, a professional inspection can also help you extend the door’s operating life, saving money.

When you are doing your visual check of the door mechanism, it is also a good opportunity to look for other things that may suggest it is time to call for service. Check this article to learn more about the tell-tale signs.


Listen for grinding or scraping sounds. 

Any noises like that can indicate broken parts or simply a need for lubrication, a routine maintenance task you can safely do yourself. Lube the rollers, springs and hinges, not the tracks. Learn what to use and how to apply the lubricant in this Garage Door Lubrication Guide.



Most importantly, keep the garage door remote controls out of reach of children and out of sight to deter theft.

As you may know, the garage door is typically the largest and heaviest moving object in most homes. It should never be operated by children. For everyone’s safety, be sure to check the operation of safety eyes on each side of the door opening. They should be within six inches of the floor, be lined up to face each other and have their lights on to indicate they are functioning. You can test them by placing an object in the way when you press the remote to close the door. (The door should not close.)

Of course, when the door is moving, keep fingers and hands away from door section joints, from rollers and other moving parts of the door.


Remember, if you find any concerns regarding your garage door, contact a trained Raynor garage door professional.


How to open your garage door safely when the power is out.

Disconnect the drive trolley and simply lift the door manually.*

ManualRelease of Garage Door

ManualReset of Garage Door

* Keep this helpful reminder sheet available for reference. Know how to do this will help you get to your destination without delay.

How to check if your garage door is in balance.
By following the instructions above, release the door from the opener track and lift the door up by hand about half way. It should balance there when you let go, not spring up or slam down. If it doesn’t stay in place, the springs may need attention by a trained technician.


An organized garage is a safer garage.

A garage in disarray can harbor all sorts of hidden hazards, resulting in injury, property damage or rodent infestation. In observance of June National Garage Door Safety Month, this article covers some additional tips for improving general garage safety.

If you believe your door should be inspected and serviced professionally, find your local Raynor dealer here: 

One final thought: In addition to giving your home a fresh new look, newer garage doors and operators are made to modern safety and security standards. If your equipment is getting old, it may be beyond its safe operating life. This article provides some pointers that may help you decide if it is “time.”



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