Can A New Garage Door Help Keep Your Home Healthy?

If your home has an attached garage, a new well-insulated and tight-sealing garage door may help you improve the indoor air quality of your entire home. Sound like a big promise? Considering just how “big” your garage door opening is, you might think of it as the largest single entry point for airborne contaminants and pests.

Of course, you can try to keep the garage door closed whenever possible. That is indeed a sensible practice. But for extra peace of mind, we’ll suggest that only a new, good quality door with latest weather-seal engineering will do a proper job of keeping the bad air out effectively.

Air Quality Ranks Number One As A Health Concern

Concerns about “healthy homes” have risen in recent years, particularly with respect to indoor air quality. Healthy home tips are all over social media, in health-related blogs as well as in magazines and journals. In a 2018 study of 2400 households by Farnsworth Research and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, nearly 1/3 of homeowners reported concerns about their current home contributing to health problems. Air quality ranked as the number one concern, mentioned by 75% of respondents.


Source: Farnsworth Group 2018 Healthy Home Study

Dampness, mold, moisture, dust and pests/insects were identified in the survey as top issues among those concerned about air quality. Many of the respondents reported that physical health symptoms have lead them to explore home projects specifically intended to improve air quality.

With a new garage door installation, potential air contamination can be mitigated to a certain extent, though not entirely of course. By placing such a large, insulated barrier between the garage interior and the outside, you will avoid introducing as much contamination as well as cold or hot humid air into your home each time you use the passage door.

What’s Inside A HEALTHY HOME Garage Door?

Along with adding curb appeal, Raynor’s newest garage door designs are a great example of how certain quality features of a garage door can help improve your home’s interior air quality.

Garage_Door_Section_JointExample: New Country Manor™  doors.

These remarkable doors have an advanced WeatherLock™ section joint design that provides a continuous thermal break and air seal between steel garage door sections. This new joint design provides exceptional strength while effectively locking out both air and water infiltration into the garage’s interior.


Between the inside and outside steel faces is 100% fill polyurethane insulation, providing up to 18 R-value as well as superior blocking of street noise to make your home easier on the ears as well.


Along the base of the door’s lower section is newest Raynor weatherstripping with superior flexibility to conform to imperfections in the garage floor and to provide a tight seal against the frame. No gaps, no fear!

A new door also comes with greater operating safety, adding further to a healthy and worry-free home environment for your family. A professional Raynor garage door technician is trained to install doors with these and other key safety checkpoints in mind. All of these installation practices contribute to operating safety as well as to a tight seal for air quality.


1. Flush and square fit in the opening

• No excessive gaps around the top, sides or bottom

2. Snug weatherstripping, properly applied

• Door closes firmly against flexible strips on all edges for a tight seal.

3. Photo eyes aligned and effectively stopping door motion

• Safely prevents door closing when persons, pets or objects are in the opening.

4. Balanced door motion

• Easy to lift the door by hand when needed

Not sure if your door is sealing and operating properly? Get it checked out by a local Raynor authorized dealer.

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