Choosing the Right Door Panels for a Garage Door

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The panels used in the garage door determine the garage door’s appearance to a large extent. Different styles are available for garage door panels, and some of the more popular options are discussed below. The design of the garage door and guidelines on choosing panels for the door are also listed. 

Door panels

The door panels of a garage are the garage door sections below the windows. In garages without a window, the panels are the large sections horizontally or vertically installed, making up the door. Depending on the size and design of the garage door, the number of panels will vary. Homeowners who opt for a fully customized garage door can choose the number of panels that are being used.

Panel options

Multiple options are available, depending on material, installation, and availability. Customers can choose tongue and groove panels for beaded wood or vinyl panels. Flatwood composite panels are paint grade. Flat urethane/vinyl/solid wood panels are also available for purchase. There are multiple options for raised panels, like composite, solid wood, vinyl, and recessed. Tongue and groove panels are used for panels more than 12″ wide, while smaller panels are made from solid wood. V-groove panels are also available in wood, vinyl, or urethane.

Directional choices

Usually, there are three main directional options for installing the garage door, horizontal, herringbone, and vertical. Vertical panels are the most popular, and the textures run from the top of the door to the bottom. The textures are installed from the left side to the right for horizontal panels, while herringbone panels have textures installed at an angle of 45 degrees.

Choosing the right panel style

The main consideration when choosing the panel style is ensuring that it fits the home’s architectural design. Raised panels are usually the most popular option for garage doors since they are versatile, making them suitable for contemporary and traditional homes. They are decorative, and elegant, making the door visually attractive which will boost the property’s curb appeal. Homeowners can choose long or short raised panels depending on the door’s dimensions and design. Recessed panels are sunk into the garage door and are more likely to be installed in traditional homes. Carriage-style panels are more intricate and detailed and feature decorative accessories like latches, handles, and ring pulls. Flush panels are flat and are suitable for homeowners who want a modern look for their garage.

Number of door panels

The number of door panels required depends on the method of opening the garage door. The number of panels should be in multiples so that the door can be opened properly. True swing doors, trifold doors, and bifold doors should have panels that are multiples of two, three, and four, respectively. Alignment with the garage window, if any, should also be considered. 

For more assistance on how to choose the right panels for your garage door, please contact an authorized Raynor Garage Doors dealer near you today.

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