Unique Benefits Exclusive to Owning a Raynor Garage Door

Engineering expertise goes into each one of our Raynor residential and commercial doors. Our garage door products are tested and conform to the highest industry standards and regulations. As a top garage door manufacturer, we manufacture all garage door panels and major hardware components giving us complete quality control from start to finish.

WeatherLock™ & NeuFoam™ Insulation

State of the art high-density NeuFoam polyurethane insulation delivers maximum structural integrity and door strength. Combine our state-of-the-art insulation material with our proprietary WeatherLock section joint design and you get the industry’s most energy-efficient garage door. Raynor’s section joint is engineered to minimize airflow and keep moisture from getting in your garage.

TruBalance™ Drum System

Garage doors equipped with our patented Raynor TruBalance drum system are 87% easier to operate manually and provide you with peace of mind knowing you can safely and easily manually operate your door in emergency situations. The Raynor TruBalance drum system comes standard on doors up to 8′ high with oversized windows in the top section.

SecureLoc™ Garage Door Openers

Raynor’s SecureLoc Anti-Break-In assurance plan combines a SecureLoc capable opener with the strength of a Raynor residential garage door that locks automatically when the door closes. When professionally installed, this system gives you the confidence to know that your door is locked and prevents access through compromising the release device. Have peace of mind knowing your garage is protected from intrusion with Raynor SecureLoc!

Environmentally Friendly - Raynor Recycles

Raynor cares about the environment. Products featuring the Raynor Recycles icon are manufactured with recycled material to maintain the environment. Raynor is among the top garage door manufacturers. 

Raynor Hardware

Raynor’s garage door hardware is engineered and manufactured as part of a complete Raynor Door System. The garage door hardware includes hinges, springs, track, and u-bars as Raynor exclusive door components.


Raynor’s ColorWave™ next generation post paint system includes a number of superior paint options to allow for customization to ensure the most aesthetically appealing finish to any door. With an industry-leading warranty and commercial-grade paint on your home, you will have years of trouble-free maintenance.

Raynor Secure - Wind Load

Professional Garage Door Installation

Every Raynor residential and commercial garage door is installed by a trained Raynor professional. And that means added benefits for you. First, you won’t have to deal with it yourself. And because it’s done right the first time, your door will deliver performance and reliability from the day it’s installed. Trust your Raynor garage door to someone who knows it better than anyone else, your professional Raynor Authorized Dealer.