Dealer Testimonials

With a broad product line covering all your door needs, from Residential and Commercial Sectional doors to Rolling Steel and High Performance doors, see what Dealers are saying about Raynor products!
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“I love the Country Manor line. For people that want something more than a stamped steel look but don’t want to pay for the larger overlays, this gives us a price point in the middle. They look beautiful and you can get an overlay look for just over a stamped price. Wonderful.”

- Brandon Jestice
A-1 Door Company

“Raynor’s AV300 has great quality and looks great. It is extremely rare to have any complaints.

I love working with Raynor. It is easy to get jobs quoted, ordered, and get drawings. A lot of door manufacturers make things more difficult than they should be. Raynor makes it easy!”

- Tyler Dale
Garage Door Services of Houston

“We choose to buy Raynor because of their quality garage doors and unmatched customer service. Successful dealers need successful manufacturers and we have formed a quality team with Raynor Garage Doors.”

- Kevin Lewis
National Garage Door Co.
“The StyleView doors are the best in the industry. The EZ to use window retainers make glazing the doors fast.”
- Steve Chapman
Mike Howard Garage Doors

“The AV300 was a HOME RUN in our area. Good looking door that finally puts us ahead of the competition!! Thank You.”

- Jack Trout (Jackie)
Electronic Door-Lift, Inc.

“Raynor’s TM300 has the best insulation value with a clean look inside and out.”

- Dan Kuske
PS Garage Doors
“The amount of options Raynor’s AP200 offers with similar price points sets it apart from the competition.”
- Douglas Lechlitner
Lechlitner Door Sales

“Raynor’s DuraCoil is easy to install and has the best quality. My customers want me to continue to use the Raynor doors.”

- Mark Corkern
Mississippi Door Co.
“Raynor’s AP200 has a superior R-value at a great price.”
- Troy Walls
Raynor Garage Doors of Lexington, KY
“Raynor’s Aspen Series design, price and quality make it the best.”
- Ed Earl
Mid-State Door Inc.
“Raynor’s Aspen Series doors cover all styles and sizes.”
- Kevin Hoffman
K Hoffman Door LLC
“The Aspen series doors have the best options and pricing.”
- Matt
Fairmount Door
“AP138 represents the perfect combination of price and quality with its strong, quiet operation and its solid core giving it maximum dent resistance. The Raynor Tru-balance drum means glazed doors balance better than any competitor. The Raynor team means we get the right door every time.”
- Peter Eldridge
Raynor Hawaii
“BuildMark is a great wind load product for every day installs. It’s high quality and easy installation set it apart from the competition. Many of our customers call us to tell us how pleased they are with the Raynor doors we have installed for them. We also love the Aspen series for those customers looking for insulated doors or wood colors with additional design options.”
- Brian Schuh
Genie of Clearwater

“The Raynor name undoubtedly adds confidence to the customer’s decision. A good strong warranty with options to upgrade gives our customers a solid feeling about their purchase. Customers comment on how strong the door seems and they love the curb appeal it adds to their home.”

- Randy R. Stenman
Buffalo Overhead Door

“ShowCase is one of the strongest doors on the residential market today. It is over-engineered with the intention to last. The thermal break, the 26ga steel, and the recessed window frames that keep the seal from catching on the windows make it the best. Truly a well-engineered door and one that has stood the test of time. As an installer, you know quality and as a service tech you know longevity. These doors were built to last and they do.”

- TJ Higgins
Higgins Overhead Door

“Raynor’s Aspen 200 has the best price, color options, window options, and insulation value. It has more colors and panel designs than the competition.”

- Ben Pehling
Quality Overhead Door
“Raynor’s TM300 stands the test of time. It has superior craftsmanship and R-factor. I’ve had commercial customers state out of all the OH doors this is the best door they’ve ever purchased.”
- Todd Wagner
Wagner Seed and Supply Co., Inc.
“Raynor’s Commercial TM300 has the best quality and is the most reliable commercial product in the industry. Customers know they are getting a long term door.”
- Tina
Rice Lake Glass and Door Co., Inc.
“The AP138 has the best insulation and tongue and groove. The construction of the sections as well as the track and hardware are superior to the competition.”
- Barry Siegel
Central Door Co.
“Aspen series has the best panel and color selection. This quality door delivers on value. The quality hardware stands out from the industry standard hardware. Our customers just love them. We compete with products designed to last one year. Raynor builds quality!”
- Joe Johnson
Poplar Bluff Overhead Door inc
“All of the options that are available with the Aspen series make it the best. I can match almost any style of door with the Aspen. The wood grain finishes set it apart from the competition. Our customers tell us how beautiful the doors are and that they are so happy with the quality and style.”
- Amber Maupin
The Door Man

“The Aspen door has a superior section joint. Most of our feedback from customers is praise for our customer service. They usually just say they ‘love’ their new door. If we put it in, it’s generally a Raynor that they ‘love’.”

- Todd Forselius
East Coast Overhead Door
“Our customers really like the Aspen series. We sell a lot of doors with angle mount versus bracket mount and that is very appealing to our customers. They appreciate the clean look as well as not having a “cheap” looking vinyl seal.”
- Drew Burkenpas
Door Tech
“The AP138 is extremely versatile, with high consistent quality and the best insulation value at the best price point.”
- Randy Price
Optimal Overhead Doors & Openers, LLC

“Raynor’s Aspen 200 has the best price, color options, window options, and insulation value. It has more colors and panel designs than the competition.”

- Darrin Schneider
Colonial Post and Fence
“For Florida wind load ShowCase functions better than any other door sold on the market. It has superior quality and construction.”
- Frankie Spagnuolo
ABCO Garage Door Company, Inc.
“ShowCase has superior quality and durability. Customer feedback is that these doors are built to last!”
- Travis Williams
Professional Door, Inc.

“Our clients love Raynor doors!”

- Jim Jones
Jones Garage Door Co., Inc.
“AlumaView has super strength and design.”
- Mark Siano
Door 1 Systems, Inc.
“The AP138 has the best options at the best price and is easy to install.”
- Gary L. Bloomfield
Doorman of Frederick

“Aspen has the best R-value with custom sizes and colors.”

- Dennis Winstead
Wilson Overhead Door Services
“Rolling steel fits many applications I bid and is a quality and competitive product line.”
- Kenneth Crenshaw
“Raynor stands behind their products!”
- Debra Hall
American Overhead Door Co., Inc.

“Aspen hits on most requirements for customers in the northeast area where we are.”

- David Alessio
Raynor Overhead Door Sales, Inc.
“The AP138 hardware and panel options stand out from the competition.”
- Tim Rice
Hub City Overhead Doors LLC
“Raynor’s Aspen doors have the widest selection of styles and the best warranty in the industry.”
- Michael Schwartz
Sullivan Overhead Doors LLC
“We are very happy with the quality of the products in all series, including commercial / rolling steel.”
- Steve Romanelli Sr.
Allied Doors West Florida LLC
“Raynor’s ShowCase design stands out from the competition. It’s smooth, with no waves, has a heavy gauge skin and has the best joint seal. For years I’ve been selling this door with no call backs, that alone tells me customers love it.”
- Delton Stein
C S Doors, Inc.
“The AP200 has the best options, strength and style in the market. Everyone loves Raynor doors.”
- Pat Sullivan
Sullivan Door Co.

“There is no other door company that makes a quality door like Raynor. I have personally serviced 30+-year-old Raynor doors that have only needed spring changes during those 30+ years. We get customers all the time who will not buy any other brand because they know what the name of Raynor carries with it: quality built in the USA, superior hardware and strength, and longevity unmatched by any of its competitors. Much like us at Higgins Overhead Door, they are a proud, family-owned and operated company in a day and age where it’s much less common.”

- TJ Higgins
Higgins Overhead Door
“Raynor’s Aspen has the best Polyurethane Steel front and back (not just R-factor but the bond-line strength to the metal). How the front and back metal are seemed together makes it tougher than most in the industry. It also has all the designs to improve a customer’s curb appeal. Customer feedback is usually, ‘I love my new doors’.”
- Christopher Mann
Roberts Overdoors Inc.

“Raynor’s Fire Shutters and Fire Doors has advanced engineering and consistent quality and better design than the competition. Our company specializes in supplying and installing fire security doors for Baggage conveying systems in International Airports throughout the US and abroad, 99% of all airports in the US have Raynor Fire Security Shutters and will not accept another manufacture.”

- Chris Fleming
Airport Equipment Specialists, Inc.

“Raynor’s Aspen is a high-quality door with great value. Our customers are always pleased with their Raynor Doors. If you are interested in selling quality doors from a great family-owned company that appreciates and supports its dealer network, then there is no better choice than the Raynor company and the great people that stand with them.”

- Don Grenier
Cedar Park Overhead Doors
“Aspen series has the best choices and a superior R-value.”
- AJ
American Garage Door LLC
“Our customers love Raynor doors.”
- Dan Huolihan
United Raynor Overhead Door
“Rolling steel has superior quality at the best price.”
- Julie Lee
Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors

“Raynor’s Aspen door is durable, quiet and has a higher R-value.”

- Tyler Clark
Hilton Head Garage Doors

“FireCoil is the most reliable, consistent and quietest on the market.”

- John DiPrete
Cressy Door Company, Inc.

“Raynor’s Aspen series has better steel quality, better section joints and stronger track and hardware than the competition.”

- Mike Main
M & M Garage Doors, LLC

“Aspen has a versatile design with high R-values. It’s current pricing paired with the overall product design set it apart from the competition.”

- Kevin Gustafson
Fairmount Door