Raynor Parking Facility Doors

Raynor Garage Doors offers a multitude of options suited for the complex needs of parking facilities. We understand how important the garage door is to the operational efficiency, safety and aesthetics of a parking facility. Raynor’s quality doors offer smooth operation and security while maximizing traffic flow and maintaining the visual appeal. From dedicated parking garages to facilities that include parking, such as downtown apartment complexes, hospitals, or airports, Raynor has a solution.

Raynor’s Rolling Steel, TM200C and AlumaView doors are best in class and engineered to meet the specific needs of the facility.

Durability – Dependability – Speed
Many businesses, such as hospitals and airports, can’t function without safe and effective parking. These high traffic facilities require dependable doors to accommodate an influx of traffic, getting people in and out fast with dependable operation. Available in a variety of slat types and materials, Raynor’s Rolling Steel coiling doors are the perfect solution. These doors are built for superior performance and maximum security, including a high-performance option with faster opening and closing speeds!
Durability – Dependability – Energy Efficiency
For maximum thermal protection and durability, choose Raynor’s energy efficient ThermaSeal sectional doors. Every door is built for superior performance, with 2” thick polyurethane foam insulation. The TM200C model is available in 13 different color options to fit any building aesthetic. ThermaSeal is perfect for parking facilities where function and thermal efficiency are key.
Durability – Visibility - Security
For parking facilities where beauty and security are key, Raynor’s AlumaView doors are the answer. With aluminum sectional rail and stile construction, AlumaView has long been the standard fixture for facilities that require dependable, attractive doors, while maintaining maximum visibility. Multiple window layouts, frame colors, and thicknesses, as well as optional insulation make integrating this door into any facility seamless.

Raynor Garage Doors manufactures more than just doors, they manufacture solutions. Pair any Parking Facility door with Raynor’s top of the line operators: ControlHoist Basic, Standard or Optima and receive a 3-year extended warranty and a system you can rely on!

In facilities where noise is a concern, Raynor offers an Apartment House Operator. Available with 10” trolleys, this high cycle operator has a low speed motor and trolley idler, as well as UHMW wear material on the trolley rails for maximum noise reduction making it the best choice for parking facilities inside of an apartment complex, hospital or business.

What is the Raynor Advantage?

It’s not just our 75 year history of quality products and entry system innovation, it’s the integrity of our people. From our employees and suppliers to our authorized dealers to the people who use our doors every day – we are the Raynor Family and we are excited to welcome you in.


Our doors are sold, serviced, and installed through Raynor Authorized Dealers to ensure every interaction meets our standards of conduct.


As a family-owned and operated company, we plan for the future in generations, not quarters, and put high value in our heritage and relationships.


We are proud to manufacture our products in North America, focusing on continuous improvement of our processes from start to finish.


Our commitment to the quality of our products extends beyond the sale, with competitive warranties and industry-leading customer service.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

David Stephenson

I have been a Raynor customer since 1989, they have constantly had the best quality product in the garage door industry. residential gage doors & commercial rolling steel prod.

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Agricultural Doors

Raynor commercial sectional door products are a perfect fit for agricultural door applications. Agricultural doors are used on machine sheds and various agricultural structures used to house tractors and other farm implements, and are typically large in size and need to be custom fit. Each of our TC Series thermal sectional garage doors can fit openings up to 40 feet wide by 32 feet high, and comes with a center post with carry-away and swing-up options for extra-wide openings. When thermal protection and customized installation are important, you need a product with the features and construction that can do the job. Each ThermaSeal model comes with an optional IECC-compliant package.

Customized Solutions

For agricultural doors, it's important to fit the door to the structure. Raynor garage doors have all the options and features you need, such as custom sizes, a number of exterior color selections, and optional windows sizes - all to craft exactly the door you want. Raynor agricultural sectional garage doors are constructed with quality materials to stand the test of time. TC200 sectional garage doors come in sizes up to 40 feet wide and 32 feet high.

Thermal Efficiency

When you have buildings with large openings exposed to the environment, whether extreme heat or cold, you need an agricultural garage door that can meet the challenge - and save you money. Our exclusive process fills 100% of the door's interior space with energy-saving polyurethane foam insulation to deliver exceptional R-values of up to 17.05. This process also provides superior foam density for excellent structural integrity. Our products also offer insulated glass windows.


IECC Compliance

IECC (International Energy Conservation Code)
Energy savings and energy efficiency have become focal points in commercial buildings. The prospect of accumulating LEEDS points has also become a major factor in building design within the architectural community. Because of these factors, IECC compliance is becoming more important in commercial building specifications, and will continue to grow in the near future.