FlexFit™ FF175

Durable, Flexible Panel Solutions

FlexFit FF175 is engineered and manufactured to absorb accidental impacts and flex, rather than dent and buckle. Unlike steel doors, Raynor FlexFit can absorb moderate to severe impacts and rebound to its original shape for continued smooth operation, which eliminates service calls due to minor accidents. Severe impacts typically force the hardware (hinges, rollers, track) to take the brunt of the impact. These door replacement parts are commonly carried on service trucks, increasing first-call resolution when needed.

FlexFit FF175 Features and Options

Raynor FlexFit FF175 sectional thermal commercial doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.


Designed to Flex

FlexFit doors are constructed with flexible section panels designed to flex upon impact, rather than dent and bend like conventional metal sections, to help maximize in-service time and increase first call resolution. The exterior fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) pultruded panel and interior polyethylene extruded panel feature one-piece (no splices) panel design for maximum strength and flexibility.

Rugged Hardware and Springs

Your FlexFit door comes packaged with the right combination of long-lasting hardware, 3″ track and heavy-duty 25,000 high-cycle springs to precisely match the size and application of your door.


Heavy-Duty Roller System

FlexFit doors feature 3″ heavy-duty, long-stem rollers with locking collars that allow the door to flex upon impact while rollers remain engaged and functioning in track assembly and hinge.


Heavy-Duty End Stiles

FlexFit doors have heavy 12-gauge steel end stiles to reinforce sections and hardware, providing reliable operation. End stiles are pre-drilled for hinges making installation quicker and easier.


Leaf Spring Bumpers

FlexFit doors are equipped with two leaf spring bumpers ensuring a positive stop for all track configurations.


Spring Loaded Locks and Handles

FlexFit doors are equipped with two 6” long heavy-duty spring-loaded locks to ensure security. FlexFit doors are also equipped with two handles that can be placed in desired locations.


FlexFit doors have the option to add a 12″ x 4″ window for access to natural light and vision outside the building.

Door Viewer

Allows the operator to see what is outside without having to open the door.

Cable Tensioners

Optional tensioners are designed to prevent cables from jumping off of the drums when doors are jarred or closed on an object.