RapidCoil™ RC300HD

High Speed Fabric Doors

Designed for exterior and interior applications with extreme pressure requirements, the Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD high speed fabric door protects your environment against the wind, rain, snow, dirt, and harsh temperatures. The RC300HD opens and closes quickly, improving traffic flow, while providing energy savings, employee comfort, and environmental control. The doors are self re-inserting if accidentally dislodged from the side guides, yet are perfectly safe due to a soft bottom edge.

RapidCoil RC300HD Features and Options

Every Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD commercial high speed fabric door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

High Speed Operation

Variable speed operation of 48″ per second. Up to 96″ per second opening speed is an optional benefit. The gear-driven push pull system drives the curtain in both directions.

Safety Engineered

Soft Curtain is free of stiffeners, as well as rigid wind bars or bottom bars, and runs inside guides to prevent harm to users. The curtain is also free of straps that may cause additional injury. The Soft Curtain design is flexible and gently molds to any object or persons it comes in contact with, preventing injury

Self Re-Inserting

Automatic re-insertion reduces maintenance and downtime. In the event of an impact, the door is designed to dislodge from the side guides and automatically return to the open position with no need for manual intervention.