RapidCoil™ RC100

High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s RapidCoil RC100 is engineered for small- to medium-interior technology applications, up to 12’ wide and 12’ high. The RC100 high speed fabric door is designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe and durable option for even the most rugged applications. The specially modified zipper sealing and inner guide technology provide a large area of travel allowing the door to operate in the harshest industrial environments.

RapidCoil RC100 Features and Options

Every Raynor RapidCoil RC100  commercial high speed fabric door is built for superior performance and includes the features listed below.

"Zipper" Technology

The specially designed zipper and inner guide technology provide a larger area of travel allowing the door to operate in harsh industrial environments such as manufacturing, processing, and general warehousing.

Self Repairing

Specialized two-way breakaway design, with inner side guides, flexes to allow separation when impacted. The re-insertion point, located at the header, allows you to re-insert the curtain into the guides by the simple push of the button. No manual intervention or tools are required.

Cycle Life

RapidCoil doors are designed to perform thousands of cycles per day without wearing parts such as stiffeners, springs, cables, and straps or motor brakes, repair cost and operational costs are reduced.


The Raynor RapidCoil RC100 high speed fabric door is 27 oz. reinforced PVC vinyl with your choice of 9 colors.

BlueRAL 5002 
RedRAL 3001 
OrangeRAL 2004 
YellowRAL 1003 
WhiteRAL 9003 
GrayRAL 7038 
GreenRAL 6005 
BlackRAL 9005 
BrownRAL 8017 


>>Colors displayed on monitors, mobile devices, and printed materials will vary from the actual color. Contact your local Raynor Authorized Dealer for color samples.

Product Details

Mount Interior
Configuration Single Door
Minimum Size 3′ x 7′
Maximum Size 12′ x 12′
Operation By gravitational force with a flexible ballast
Opening Speed Up to speeds of 48 in/sec
Closing Speed 24 in/sec
Drive Left or Right Hand
Wind Resistance Up to 18 MPH operational
Motor 1HP or 2HP motor dependent on size of door. Motor is VFD driven, Nema 4, 2 poles without brake.
Detectors supplied with standard door Infrared photocell system, curtain obstruction detector and wireless obstruction detector
Control Box Composite corrosion resistant Nema 4X rated control box as standard
Power Supply Single-phase 110-208-230-Three-phase 460-575 Volt
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Material Reinforced PVC vinyl
Total Weight 27 oz./sq. yd.
Tensile Strength 637 x 683 lbs
Tear Resistance 120 x 138 bls
Available Colors Blue RAL 5002
Red RAL 3001
Orange RAL 2004
Yellow RAL 1003
White RAL 9003
Gray RAL 7038
Green RAL 6005
Black RAL 9005
Brown RAL 8017
Vision Optional-24″ x 24″ window panels, 15″ window banner and Bug Screens optional
Side Guides Structural Channels of 2-1/8 x 1-3/16 x 1/8 galvanized steel
Inner Side Guide Polyethylene (PE-HD) 1″ x 3/4 mounted in 1/32 x 1-1/8 C-profile
Side Guide Covers Standard is galvanized 2-1/8″ x 2-1/2″ in size
Color/Finish Galvanized standard, Powder Coat or 304 Stainless Steel optional
Construction Steel, diameter 4″ x 0.078″, shafts in steel
Hood Measurement dependent on width of door x headroom of 15-1/2″
Motor Cover 9-1/8″ x 20″ x 10-1/4″ standard in galvanized
Color/Finish Galvanized standard, Powder Coat or 304 Stainless Steel optional
  5-year unlimited cycle warranty on the drive motor and 5-years on fabric workmanship. 1-year on balance of components.

Features and Benefits

Standard Operating Speed:
Opening speed up to 48″/sec, closing speed 24″/sec.

Door Operation:
Gravity driven with flexible soft bottom bag.

Side Guides:
Made of structural channels of 2-1/16″ x 1-1/2″x 1/8″ in galvanized steel (optional powder coat or stainless steel).

Inner Side Guide:
Polyethylene (PE-UHMW 1000); outer section 9/16″ x 9/16″.

Side Guide Covers:
Galvanized steel is standard or optional powder coat or stainless steel, covers are available.

Steel, diameter 4″ x 0.078″, shafts in steel.

Door Curtain:
Reinforced PVC (27 oz/sq.yd) and continuous sealing, bead, with flexible
weighted soft bottom bag design. Available in different colors.

Optional 15″ vision banner, 24″ x 24″ individual windows and Bug Screens are available.


Optional vision panels, banners, and bug screens are available

Optional 15″ vision banner, 24″ x 24″ individual windows and Bug Screens are available

Powder coat or 304 stainless steel optional 


Door Size:
Raynor RC100 has a maximum door size of 12’x12′. Minimum size of 3’x7′.

Standard 1 HP at 115V, 208V, 230V, 460V, or 575V. Motor is variable frequency driven, NEMA 4, 2 poles without brake.

Size 50 for a motor of 1HP and gear reduction ratio 1/28.

An infrared photocell, installed inside the side guide, detects the presence of a pedestrian or a vehicle. Upon activation, it opens the door immediately and keeps it open as long as the presence is detected. Height of photocell: 6” from the floor.

A bottom edge detector reverses the door when it hits an obstacle during the closing cycle. This detector is positioned at the bottom part of the curtain.

The bottom edge is referred to as a WDD or Wireless Detector. A wireless detection system consisting of a transmitter in the bottom bag of the door and a receiver in the control box. The system operates according to the “open loop” principle: when the sensor encounters an obstacle, the transmitter leaves the standby mode and send a signal to the receiver that immediately opens the door.

Power Supply:
Standard single-phase 115V, 208V, 230V; three-phase 208V, 230V, 460V, 575V. Frequency: 60 Hz. Circuit breakers to be provided by the customer: 10-20A for 1HP.

Absolute Encoder:
The absolute encoder replaces the old fashioned, less accurate, mechanical limit switches, for maximum door efficiency and productivity.

Logix Controller:
The Logix Controller is self-diagnostic, user-friendly, and incorporates a multi-character LCD screen for easy set-up and adjustment.

Product Literature

RapidCoil Warranty

  • 5-year unlimited cycle warranty on the drive motor and 5-years on fabric workmanship

  • 1-year on balance of components