What’s Big in Garage Doors

New Designs, Smart Home Connectivity and More

If you are considering a new garage door and opener this year, these advances in design may be worth noting, especially if you are particular about purchases of this type. And you should be particular when selecting something as large and visually prominent as a garage door. Here are some of the fine points to know before buying. Rather than going the “ordinary” route with your choice of door styling and features, you might check out these latest garage door trends for inspiration. Adding one or more of these concepts to your wishlist may make all the difference in your ultimate satisfaction as well as in the future resale value of your home.

Five Garage Door Trends Gaining Traction

1. Larger and More Distinctive Windows
2. WiFi Enabled Garage Door Openers
3. New Alternatives to Wood Doors
4. New Inset and Raised Panel Steel Designs
5. More Personalized Choices in Door Colors and Accents

1. Larger and More Distinctive Windows

With a little preplanning, you can specify unique glass inserts that will complement your home’s architecture and add special curb appeal as only a beautiful new garage door can do. With multiple glass inserts, you also bring more natural light into your garage.

Depending upon your door opening and headroom clearance for tracks, you may be able to specify large sectional panels with glass in mind. For example, go with three large horizontal sections instead of four smaller ones. By doing that, the windows can be larger for visual impact.

The variety of Raynor glass selections is nearly endless: special shapes, grilles, colors, textures as well as opacity. Thermopane glass is also popular for energy efficiency.

Among other choices are glass opacity as well as placement on the door. With Raynor’s VersaView™ windows, for example, you can choose from more than 66 glass insert designs, and place them anywhere — running along the top section, arranged vertically down the left or right side, positioned diagonally or in other creative configurations.

TIP: Choose a glass that complements your home’s windows and front door, echoing their shape, grille (mullion) styling, and other features.

Glass size and placement options for 1- and 2-car garage doors.
2. WiFi Enabled Garage Door Openers

Certainly among the hottest garage door trends is the growing application of smart “connected” home convenience to garage door openers. Raynor’s MyQ®technology allows you to monitor and control your garage door opener from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Forget to close the door? Not sure? Just launch the Raynor app then easily check the status and open or close the door as you wish. Now that’s peace of mind!

MyQ enabled operators are also compatible with many home automation platforms that control home lighting and security systems. Check with your local area Raynor Authorized Dealer for more information.

3. New Alternatives to Wood Doors

While wood is still a traditional favorite material for all types of garage doors, there are some affordable new options that echo its vintage styling while addressing disadvantages such as wood finish failures and the tendency to warp and rot in harsh climates.

These new alternatives provide the attractive look of wood, typically at a lower cost. They will stand up better in any weather and are also easy to order with Raynor’s NeuFoam™ polyurethane insulation between the steel skins, resulting in up to 18.0 R-value for energy cost savings as well as interior comfort.


Example: Eden Coast™ by Raynor– With this option, the door exterior features an environmentally-friendly composite material applied to strong steel inner panels. Providing the character and texture of wood along with low-maintenance design, this type of door is available in Carriage House and many other popular styles. 


Example: Raynor Aspen Series™ AP200 steel doors — woodgrain with Auburn finish, recessed Carriage House panels and Colonial Hardware. Hard to distinguish from real wood, woodgrain steel doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. 

4. New Inset and Raised Panel Designs

There are also a few subtleties to consider in door panel designs available at your local Raynor Dealer. One of those details is the option of inset panels or traditional raised panels in each section. Inset designs tend to lend more visual definition and depth to the door. There really are no right or wrong choices here. See if you prefer one of the types in the comparison photos below.

5. More Personalized Choices in Door Colors and Accents

Raynor has always been known as the brand that makes customization easier and more accessible for its customers. That tradition continues with today’s expanding array of door designs. While the core of our residential line is still steel and aluminum doors, there are nearly endless choices in their styling and personal touches you can add to give your home a mark of distinction. In addition to choosing among door panel styles, materials and windows as mentioned above, you can opt for:

  • Custom colors. There is a wide range of popular colors available for all Raynor door styles. In our Raynor StyleView™ line of residential garage doors, we offer 188 ArmorBrite™ colors matching the Sherwin-Williams palette.
  • Hardware accents – straps, handles, grille inserts and more
  • Security features such as automatic mechanical locking and Security 2.0™ Control that changes the code every time you open the door.


It’s your garage door. Design it as the spirit moves you. To preview a few of the newest choices, check out our Design-a-Door visualizer.

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