Raynor OptiFinish™ Post Paint Finish

OptiFinish LogoWe’ve got that color! More than 1,800 colors are now available on Raynor’s Distinctions Series: RockCreeke; Aspen Series: AP200 and AP138; Traditions Series: Masterpiece and ShowCase; Advantage Series: TradeMark and BuildMark residential garage doors. Raynor’s OptiFinish optional post paint finish process allows the garage door sections to be painted after the sections are built, giving homeowners the unprecedented ability to customize the color of their garage door.

Additionally, OptiFinish is available on Raynor’s Commercial AspenThermaSealTC200StyleFormCommercial TradeMark, and Commercial BuildMark commercial doors. OptiFinish features Sherwin-Williams® BP Enamel paint. The post paint process applies a third layer of paint to the pre-painted and galvanized steel, adding another layer of protection to the garage door.

Sherwin-Williams BP Enamel has a gloss factor of 30-40. Gloss factors can affect how the color matches with other finishes, most notably stains. While the color itself can be an exact match, gloss factor variations will make two different surfaces appear to be different colors. When matching stains, we recommend sending an actual sample of the stained material to Raynor for custom color match.

Download OptiFinish Literature.