How to Take Measurements of Your Garage Door?

Garage Door Measurements in Dixon

Whether you are looking for a replacement garage door or building a new house from the ground up, getting measurements for your new installation is critical. It will help you avoid errors, such as investing in the wrong door. 

Even so, taking garage door measurements is more complex than gauging the height and width. The best way to ensure you get accurate measurements is to work with a Raynor Authorized Dealer. If you are working alone, you need to consider several factors, such as headroom height, side room width, and ceiling depth. We have prepared a detailed insight into how to take precise dimensions. If unsure, always consult a professional. 

A Few Things You Need to Know Before You Start

There are two main aspects you need to take into consideration before you start taking measurements. First, you should note that there are measurements of an unfinished opening and those of the frame and metal sliding. You need to take these measurements into consideration by factoring out features such as the frame and other features. 

Secondly, the final measurement is the finished rough opening with metal sliding and frame. It is also imperative not to base your measurements on your old garage door. You can, however, take the width and height for confirmation. 

How to Take Measurements?

If you are replacing an old garage door, the first step should be ensuring it is fully opened before taking measurements. You will also need a tape measure and paper to write down the measurements. 

Step 1: Measure the height

Using your tape measure, determine the exact height of the opening from the frame down to the ground or vice versa. Factor any irregularity on the floor by measuring the mid-height, left, and right. It will help you identify where there is a slope on the floor. 

Step 2: Move on to the width

To measure the width of your garage door, you must take measurements from the inside jamb to the other jamb. Using inches and feet for the simplest and clearest account of the actual measurements is advisable. 

Step 3: Take measurements of the ceiling clearance from the floor

Here, you will need to take the full measurements from the floor up to the lowest point of the ceiling. You can then obtain headroom measurements by subtracting the height of the garage door from the full measurements. The difference will be your headroom, which, in most cases, is around 12 inches. Working with an authorized technician to accurately measure the door for proper installation is important if you are unsure how to accomplish this task.

Step 4: Measure the clearance between each side of the opening

You will also need to measure the clearance between the sides of the opening. If your garage has multiple openings, ensure that each side has a clearance of between 4″ on a 2″ track and 6″ on a 3″ track. Also, factor in any obstacles. If there are structures, such as a pillar, take measurements up to the obstacle. 

Step 5: Take measurements of the backroom

Also known as depth measurements, you must measure the unobstructed depth of the backroom to the ceiling. Ideally, the main aim is to identify if there is enough space to install the track. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to measure the exact garage door measurements, it is easier for a specialist to help you find your desired solution. if you are looking for a quality garage door. Contact a Raynor-authorized garage door dealer near you today!

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