Garage Door Construction

Learn about the types of Raynor garage door construction and which makes the most sense for your home.

1-Layer Construction

Constructed of 24-gauge steel or thinner steel skin with no insulation. Offers basic protection and security. R-value: N/A

2-Layer Construction
Steel - Insulation

Constructed of a 24-gauge steel or thinner steel skin. Fitted with a layer of expanded polystyrene board insulation and a thin, protective vinyl back cover. Insulation increases energy-efficiency and soundproofing and adds greater structural integrity for quieter operation. Offers good protection and security. R-value: 5.0

3-Layer Construction
Steel - Insulation - Steel

Constructed of expanded polystyrene insulation or polyurethane insulation between two steel skins. Provides maximum energy efficiency, soundproofing and structural integrity. The quietest operating of all door types. Offers maximum protection and security. R-value: 10.25-18.0