FabriCoil™ Traffic Doors

Durable, Reliable, Resettable

With many of the desired features of typical commercial high-speed doors, Raynor FabriCoil traffic doors offer excellent durability and reliability at an affordable price. Our tough vinyl curtain is designed for interior applications, ideal for high traffic areas.

FabriCoil Features and Options

Raynor FabriCoil commercial traffic doors are available with numerous features and options, including those listed below.

Exceptional Construction

Painted, structural steel angle guides provide superior protection from side impact. Optional hood is roll-formed from hot-dipped galvanized steel for a finished look.

Increased Rigidity

Resilient aluminum wind beams decrease fabric deflection in windy and negative pressure conditions. Additional wind beams can be specified for higher negative pressure environments.

E-Z Reset

FabriCoil can be easily reset back into the guides, which means less downtime for employees and no costly service calls for replacement or repair.

Wireless Reversing Edge

If contact is made with the yellow reversing edge, FabriCoil will automatically return to the up position. The connection of the edge to the operator is wireless and no callbacks to broken coil cords or cable reels.

Vision Panel

The FabriCoil traffic doors vision panel provides visibility, ideal in high traffic environments.

Curtain Hood

FabriCoil’s optional hood is roll-formed from hot-dipped galvanized steel for a finished look.