Raynor Corrosion Resistant
Rolling Steel Doors

Raynor corrosion resistant rolling steel doors are specifically designed to be resistant to the elements including salt and other corrosive materials. Our product line offers the following corrosion-resistant or rust-resistant rolling steel doors for saltwater and salt air, coastal environments, and salt environments. Contact Raynor for more information using the form at the bottom of this page.

DuraCoil Rolling Steel Doors

Our rugged DuraCoil rolling steel doors or roll-up doors with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel slats are made to last and corrosion resistant. Every DuraCoil rolling steel door is built for superior performance. 

Energy-saving options include:

Hood Weatherseal

A reinforced neoprene sheet rests on the curtain to minimize air infiltration. A header brush seal is also available.

Vinyl Guide Seal

A vinyl extrusion decreases energy costs and reduces air infiltration by sealing the side of the door when closed.

Brush Guide Seal

A brush-type seal increases the energy efficiency of curved slat doors.

Head Plate Cover

Head plate covers are available for an attractive, finished appearance and help to protect your investment by keeping out dust and grime.

Product applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Coastal Environments are areas with exposure to salt, salt air, or salt fog. Various factors and rates of corrosion vary in different areas, influencing the corrosion rate of salt air on metal.
  • Salt Storage Bins
  • Salt Storage Buildings
  • Salt Mines

Please have a Raynor Sales Manager contact me about corrosion resistant doors.

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