Which of the 3 Most Common Types of Commercial Garage Doors is Best for You?

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Let’s make it easy to find garage doors that are the perfect fit for your commercial or industrial property. You want something durable, stylish, and affordable – but you don’t know where to start. This article will walk you through what commercial garage door types exist and how they stack up against each other so you can make an educated decision on which one is right for your needs.

#1 Top Choice – Overhead Sectional Doors

These commercial doors are similar to residential garage doors but can be custom-sized for much larger vehicles. Like the residential doors, they are made of sections or panels that are hinged together.
Commercial buildings often have very high ceilings. Consequently, the way the door moves and the associated hardware is a big difference. In a commercial application, high-lift doors will travel on the interior wall of the building to the highest maximum clearance before turning at the ceiling.
Full vertical lift doors may be used in loading and unloading locations, and standard doors are available for applications similar to the residential style.
Most commercial sectional doors are made of galvanized steel and can be injected with polyurethane foam for maximum insulation and more strength.

Rolling Steel Doors

As implied by the name, these doors roll up above the door and don’t require ceiling tracks that sectional doors would.
For this rolling action to happen, the height of the door sections are much smaller, around 3 inches, and are called slats.
These doors often are used inside a building to compartmentalize or close off sections of the building. An example is the prevention of dust spreading. Another is basic security.
These doors may also be of a “firewall” type that can prevent or delay fire from spreading through the inside of a structure. Depending on insurance requirements, they may be rated from 30 up to 340 minutes of fire resistance.
Smaller versions of this style door may be used as countertop shutters, such as food service areas. Other versions may have open-spaced metal grills instead of closed slats, as seen in shopping malls.
The commonality here is that they all roll-up.

High-speed roll-up doors

Perhaps less commonly seen, these specialized doors may be found in the food sector, distribution centers, heavy industry, and anywhere the door should not be left open for extended periods.
In the food industry, refrigerated areas such as in a grocery store need to be kept at a constant temperature.
This type of garage door can open quickly, with some at up to 96 inches per second. Closing speeds are typically slower at around 48 inches per second for safety reasons. These doors also can be made of other materials. Thick rubber can withstand substantial impacts, and reinforced vinyl is often seen in manufacturing sectors.

Which commercial garage door type would be best for your needs?

The overhead sectional doors are a top choice because they can provide a lot of clearance in high ceilings and have additional features like insulation, added security with locking hardware, and high-lift systems to make loading and unloading easier.
Rolling steel doors are also popular commercial garage door types because of their versatility to be used inside a building or as a firewall.

High-speed roll-up doors may be best in food service areas where commercial refrigeration is necessary.
We hope this article about commercial garage doors helped you understand the different types available.

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