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Where safety and fire protection are crucial, choose FireCoil. Raynor FireCoil fire-rated rolling doors are the standard for facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated fire wall. FireCoil doors are provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165°F. The door's descent can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a building's alarm system, or solid state release devices. FireCoil doors are UL, C-UL and CSFM-labeled.
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Raynor's FIreCoil door systems feature specialized construction and automatic closing providing state of the art technology. All doors are easily resettable with a single sided release decreasing reset time after performing specified drop testing. The included governor provides controlled closing speeds of 9" - 12" per second resulting in a safer, smoother, and quiet decent. Doors of all sizes are easily controlled and meet NFPA 80 requirements.

Motor operated:
Automatic closing can occur with the door partially open or fully closed without resulting in any damage to the door components.

Manual operated:
Manual design features a centrifugal clutch governor smoothly controlling descent.

Chain and Crank operated:
Chain and hand crank operation is available on all FireCoil fire-rated rolling doors.

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