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ControlHoist 2.0 Basic
The ControlHoist 2.0 Basic is a ½ horsepower, belt-drive operator, perfect for operating smaller sized sectional doors, rolling doors and grilles. This entry level unit is still loaded with innovative features along with a durable construction that is suitable for most commercial applications.
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Standard Features

Entrapment: UL 325 2010 requires all commercial operators to be either constant pressure to close or be equipped with an approved monitored entrapment protection device such as a monitored photo eye or reversing edge. All ControlHoist 2.0 commercial operators are provided standard with constant pressure to close. Up to two (2) monitored entrapment devices can be selected with all ControlHoist 2.0 operators. In addition a non-monitored entrapment device can also be selected.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): The 16 character LCD display allows for easy programming with an intuitive set up menu. Status indicators provide real-time status and display error messages for easy troubleshooting assistance.

Cycle Counter: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) clearly indicates the exact number of cycles logged for easy maintenance support.

Fire Station Timer: Ideal for fire stations. A push button or pull cord can be used to activate the open cycle and timer to close feature. Only the push button or pull cord will control the timer to close.

Programmable Mid-Stop: Adjustable from 3-30 seconds, this feature enables partial opening of door to a preprogrammed position for energy savings, time savings and convenience.

Timer-To-Close: Closes the door automatically after a predetermined amount of time has elapsed for security and convenience.

Ventilation Feature: When a device such as a CO detector is activated, door will partially open for a pre-determined amount of time. Once the CO detector is clear, the door will close.

Motor: Intermittent-duty, overload protected motor with high starting torque.

Drive Reduction: V-belt drive from motor to full ball bearing power train with additional chain and sprocket reduction.

Electro Magnetic Brake System: 24V DC brake. Fewer mechanical parts for improved reliability.

Adjustable Friction Clutch: Helps to protect the door and operator from damage should it come into contact with any obstruction.

3-Button Control Station: Provides open/close/stop functions.

Exterior Radio Control Terminal: Provides for fast and easy connection of radio controls. When range is an issue, an external mounted radio receiver allows the flexibility for the receiver to be moved to a new location for improved range.

Removable Terminal Strip: The two-piece, snap in place, removable terminal strip allows for easy wiring as opposed to competitive product that only offers a traditional stationary terminal strip.

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