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Quick Tips for the Homeowner

Looking to reprogram your door opener? Need to measure your door opening for a new garage door? Raynor can show you how.

If you're considering a new garage door, it's important to measure your door opening to determine any special requirements before you shop.
  Measuring Your Garage Door
To maintain your warranty, lubricate your garage door at least once a year with Raynor Door Lube.
  What should I use to lubricate my door?
That depends on the type of door you have and the enivronment where you live. Cleaning recommendations can be found in the Customer Care section of this site.
  How should I clean my door?
Raynor recommends checking the balance of your door once a year.
  My door appears to be unbalanced, what should I do?
All Raynor residential steel garage doors are already painted with a baked-on finish. No additional painting is required. If you want to apply another color, however, complete painting instructions can be found in the Customer Care section of this site.
  I'd like to paint my garage door? How should I prepare my door for the paint process?
To order a replacement remote control, please contact the authorized Raynor dealer in your area.
  I've lost the remote for my opener. How can I order a new one?
There are two different methods, depending on your keypad.
  How do I program my keyless entry keypad?
Changing you PIN number is easy, just follow these simple steps.
  How do I change the PIN number for my keyless entry keypad?
If your garage door opener is compatible with the HomeLink system, follow these easy steps to set it up.
  How do I program my vehicle's HomeLink system with my Raynor opener?
Review our step-by-step instructions.
  How do I add or reprogram a hand-held remote control?